Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Can We Afford Obama?

Have you ever heard of the woman that goes to the store, writes a check and is told there is non sufficient funds to cover the check and she says "I can't be out of money. I still have some checks left." ?

Meet President Obama. Obama has spent $3.52 Trillion in his first year and his year isn't even completed yet. If we adjust that for inflation, he's spent $2.8 Trillion compared to President Bush's $1.8 Trillion and President Clinton's $1.6 Trillion.

Obama's budget has a deficit of $1.4 Trillion. That is just under $1 Trillion more than the previous high during the Bush administration.

But those are just dollars. There are other ways that I don't think we can afford Obama. For instance, National Security. Once again, Amnesty is out there. The American people rose up and shut it down two years ago when Bush, McCain and others proposed a pathway to citizenship for those that had come here illegally. Now, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is proposing the same thing all over again. Forgiving those that broker our laws and even rewarding them with citizenship.

Or can we afford to have Obama ponder General McChrystals request for 45,000 troops in Afghanistan. We've been waiting for over 90 days for him to decide. In the meantime, the troops morale has slipped. Deaths of our soldiers have taken a steep climb in recent months. Even Britain, one of our greatest allies is saying that Obama is wishy washy on the war with his indecision.

Now we have a President that is bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, the Emporer of Japan and the leader of China. There is a cartoon going around showing Obama bowing to the Burger King with an aide telling him that it's not necessary to bow to the Burger King.

The stimulus package was a complete failure. The promise that if the stimulus deal passed, we'd stop the 20,000 job losses each day hasn't happened. That unemployment would stop at 8% (now at 10.2%). Liberals like to say that had it not been for the stimulus the economy would be even worse off. I disbelieve that. I believe that the Free Market System would have boosted the economy more and that the stimulus deal only held back the markets from growing even further.

It's well known that you don't increase taxes in a recession. But that seems to have been lost on Obama. This new health care debacle not only raises taxes next year, but it raises taxes without the American people getting any benefit for their increased dollars sent in for four more years. It's like paying for a car that you can't pick up until it's paid for in four years.

Cash for Clunkers was also a failure. Yes, it helped boost the economy helping to cause a 2.8% growth in the 3rd quarter, but that's a tent that's gone up without a supporting pole. It won't last on that alone. The Cash for Clunkers cost the American taxpayer $24,000 per car.
As with Clinton, Obama ran as a centrist, but as quick as he was handed the keys to the White House, he began governing as a liberal. Or worse. A socialist.

This Thanksgiving, it might be wise for us to give thanks that Obama hasn't already completely destroyed the country. I hope we can give thanks for at least the same thing next year.

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Anonymous said...

There is a madness to their method. They MUST pass a quick path to citizenship in order to remain in power after they institute socialism. And this is why they are not listening to the American people. It is not the American people they will need to answer to. It is the Mexicans who are in this country undocumented.
As far as the wars are concerned, we will never never win them. America has sold it's soul to the unholy islam believers. We have refused to tap our own energy resources to fund our own destruction.
And let us not forget that it is the American sheeple who have elected this marxist. I state again, the ONLY solution is for God fearing states (if there are any with enough good people left) to leave this evil union and form a new nation.
Lastly, we must remember it is the intent of the evil elite to run this country into the ground.

Brett said...

I never give up on important things and this is one of those things that I won't give up on. I will not give up this nation to a bunch of socialists. I don't think the American people are going to give up easily either. They'll fight back with the 2010 elections.

You can see that with the tea parties. Millions showing up and thankfully, it's not easing. There are more and more with each tea party. They weren't just a flash in the pan.

If they pass the health care, the mantra next year will be "vote to repeal the health care bill".

The trick is, once we get the House and Senate back next year (and yes, I think we will get both houses next year), we still have to hold the Republicans feet to the fire so that they don't spend like the Democrats always do.

2010 will be the year we start taking the country back.