Thursday, February 5, 2009


The nominee for Labor Secretary, Hilda Silis, seems to have two problems. She served on a board which is apparently against House rules, and her husband paid $6,400 in back taxes yesterday so as not to cause a problem for his wife's nomination.

The White House is saying that her husbands lack of paying taxes should not be held against her. These are taxes that he owed dating back 16 years. Her nomination hearing has been delayed.

In another matter, now that Leon Panetta's hearing is over for his nomination as CIA director, it's coming out that in addition to the speaking engagements and fees received following the $700 Billion bailout in September, he's also taken money and represented various firms for which the CIA has some dealings with.

This brings the total problems for Obama nominees to 7.

If you voted for Change you can believe in, apparently you've gotten it. Obama has changed problem nominations from 3 in 16 years to 7 in three weeks.


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