Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Health Care Rationing is Economic Stimulus?

The Senate has been debating for the past week the stimulus bill, which is really nothing more than a huge spending bill. I haven't heard any debate on the health care provisions in the bill. Did you know that there was a health care provision in the bill? There is. It includes rationinng of health care.

A new bureaucracy is created in the bill. It's called "National Coordinator of Health Information Technology". This new coordinator will track your medical treatments electronically with the goal of making it easier to transfer records to a hospital. However, it also sets guidelines for doctors to be sure they are doing for you what the government deems appropriate. Hospitals and doctors that are not "meaningful users" will face stiff penalties.

You should read this in the bill. H.R. 1 EH. This bill is not only dangerous to the economy, but it is also hazardous to your health. An example: If you're diagnosed with a disease, the coordinator will look at your disease, then your age and decide based on the number of years you're expected to live as to whether or not you're eligible for health care for that disease. Another example. If you're diagnosed with macular degeneration, you will not be treated until you go blind in that eye, then you can have the treatment to prevent you from going blind in the other eye.

The debate has ended on the bill in the Senate. A vote is expected on Tuesday on the bill, then it goes to conference between the House and the Senate to work out the differences.

This bill needs to be stopped or we will all be told by the government if and what we're eligible to be treated for if we get sick. It's not going to heal the economy and it will pick and choose what you may be healed of in the health care provisions.

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