Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Headlines of the Day

The lack of Class displayed by the Democrats.

Rahm Emmanuel the White House Chief of Staff. Is this an adult in the White House?

Obama flubs the oath

Oy. It's a simple oath and he can't get it right.

Bush Mocked on Dais

This shows the lack of class of the Democrats. Regardless of how you feel about the incoming or outgoing President, they are the President and President elect, then at the end the Former President and the New President. For anyone to show disrespect for the office of the President is classless at best.

Carter Snub Clintons

More pettiness from Democrats.

Clinton and Cornyn wrangle in Rotunda; Confirmation delay

It is the responsibility of Congress to confirm the cabinet. If Cornyn has questions still, he is doing his job, following his responsibility. This again just shows that Clinton has no respect for anyone that disagrees with her.

We had childishness during the Clinton administration and even to the end of the Clinton Administration. From all appearances above, we're in for more of the same. This is the Unity that Obama spoke of?


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