Saturday, January 31, 2009

Can the Democrats be Saved from Destruction?

The Democrats have been in charge of the House and Senate for three weeks and the White House for just over a week. During that time, they have promised bi-partisanship and working with the Republicans. Then they immediately changed the rules in the House blocking out the Republicans.

Obama nominates a Secretary, who drops out before the nominating process begins due to a scandal in New Mexico that he's involved in. Obama nominates a man as Secretary of the Treasury, who owed back taxes and only paid them off a day before his nomination. This is not discovered until just prior to his confirmation hearing in spite of Obama's pledge to have an open government. After setting new rules for the White House regarding lobbyists, saying that if they were a lobbyist, they could not work where they lobbied, then it's discovered that the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury was a lobbyist in the area he'd be working. The Secretary of the Treasury was still nominated and confirmed, although 30 Senators voted against him.

There are also questions still lingering about Bill Clinton's donors, which becomes important because Hillary Clinton was nominated and confirmed as Secretary of State. Nothing new here. If a Clinton is attached to it, we all know that it's only a matter of time before there are more scandals.

Now we're finding out that former Senator and majority leader, Tom Daschle also has a tax problem. Again, he paid his taxes and penalties just days before his nomination as Secretary of HUD. This too was kept very private in this new "Open" government of Obama's.

As if this isn't enough, the stimulus package which is nothing more than a spending bill passes the House without any Republicans voting for it and with 11 Democrats voting against it. That puts the bi-partisan aspect of this bill on the side that is against the spending bill.

The bill now goes to the Senate. As it stands now, if the bill isn't dramatically changed, the Republicans won't support it. They don't have enough votes to vote it out, but they do have enough votes to stop the cloture vote on it. The question, once again, becomes, will John McCain, his puppet Lindsay Graham, and the two Maine Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins remain with the Republicans or will they put the American economy in the dumper by joining the Democrats?

In two weeks time, we've had problems with four cabinet members or proposed cabinet members and one deputy, along with what can only be called a liberal spending bill, and promised openness in the White House which fell by the wayside within hours of being announced. It's reminding me of the Clinton years and their scandal a week ways.

Today, the story comes out that Obama's half brother has been arrested for drug abuse in Kenya. His brother George is the brother that was found in Kenya living on $12 per year income. Does this remind anyone else of Billy Carter? In forty years we've gone from Billy Beer to Georgie's Pot.

Inauguration day was an embarassment with the screwup of the Oath, the poor inauguration speech and the acting out of the music rather than really playing it. I hope it's not discovered that Aretha Franklin lip synched her singing. I've always liked Aretha Franklin and her music. Inauguration day was topped off by the new President being the first President to skip the ball of Medal of Honor winners.

In the first week, Obama showed us his cut and run policy in Iraq, has decided to close Guantanamo with no plans on what to do with the detainees, and he signed the executive orders placating liberals with their feel good issues. If things go bad in Afghanistan, I expect he'll cut and run from there as well.

In his second week, he wrote a letter to the President of Iran. You know, the guy that he first said he'd talk to, then backed down and said he'd begin low level talks but not talk directly with them after he was embarassed by the other candidates, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Now he goes back on his second position and actually does begin a dialogue by writing a personal letter to a terrorist.

This next week promises to be a fun one with the Senate taking up the spending bill that the Democrats and the liberal media continue to call the "stimulus" bill. I think that if they wrote a bill that said everyone was required to wear sneakers from now on, that they would call it a "stimulus" bill and demand that it be passed because they called it a stimulus bill.

At this rate, the Democrats will be in the minority in two years and in four years, the liberal media will be asking, "does voting out the first black president mean that America has become racist again?"


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