Friday, December 12, 2008

Talk Radio...Rant

Former General, Former Secretary of State, Former Head of the Joint Chiefs, Colin Powell said on Fareed Zakaria's interview that Republicans need to appeal more to minorities because the minorities will be in the majority in 20 years. He also asked if we really needed to listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Powell must really be upset that Limbaugh commented about Powell's endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama's candidacy a week before the election. Could this be the first salvo to the attacks on talk radio?

Personally, I like listening to Rush. He comments on the news. He shows what the politicians say in their own words and then points out their hypocrisy as well as their two faced comments and the double standards they have, using their own words against them.

Powell is wrong. He sets himself up on a fence. Claims to be a Republican to give himself credibility but then complains about the position he was put in at the United Nations in the lead up to the war in Iraq. If Powell was an honest man, he'd have stood up when he thought he was wrong, or the administration was wrong and refused to give that speech. He has no principles.

He played his game about whether or not he was a Republican or a Democrat prior to Bush being elected. Now he claims to be a Republican but is insisting that we must cater to minorities. It's big of him to say it's okay to be a Conservative. I'm so happy that I have his permission to believe as I believe. I didn't hear him say that he was for the Fairness Doctrine, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's leading up to that.

So let me be clear about what I think of talk radio. Rush is consistent and comments on the news. Sean Hannity is one that I don't like. He interrupts his guests, interrupts his callers and makes everything about him. I quit listening to him quite a while ago. I listen to and like a local radio program called Live with Renk. I like Laura Ingraham. These are all successful people. They give an outlet to conservatives. We aren't stuck with the liberal media on CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and even Fox half the time. Does CBS still exist? I haven't watched them since Dan Rather had the forged documents story to try and derail Bush in 2000.

Why aren't there more liberal talk radio programs? Because nobody listens. Radio stations lose money when they have liberal hosts. People don't listen to them. Advertisers don't want to pay for ads that aren't going to be heard.

Colin Powell has it wrong. Conservativism will appeal to the so-called minorities. They only need to hear what's being said. We need to get away from putting people into groups. The press did it with their polls saying blacks would vote in higher numbers for blacks, Jews would vote a certain way, Christians would vote another way, the south will vote this way, the northeast will vote that way, and so on. We are all Americans. For all of the talk about ending racism, the liberals and the press are playing a race card each time.

As a Conservative, I want all Americans to do better. I want for the entire country, black, white, hispanic, female, male, Jew, Gentile, left handed people, right handed people, southerners, northerners, westerners, midwesterners, easterners, the left coasters, the right coasters, EVERY American to take advantage of the opportunity for success. I believe that's best done by the individual working with other individuals without hindrance of government intrusions.

I'm sick of being told that one racial group is unfairly represented in prisons, courts, or that they are committing crimes in greater numbers against their own race, than other groups are. There is a solution to this. STOP COMMITTING THE CRIMES. Concentrate on improving your own life without stealing property, money or lives of others.

In other words, we're all Americans. My kids are all the same race as I am. I have one that has somewhat red hair, one that has blonde hair and one that has brown hair. I tan easily in the sun. My son doesn't. Does that make him better or me better? No. It makes us individuals. His interest for a career is different than mine. That doesn't make one of us better than the other. It means we each have our pursuits that contribute to this country.

That is the type of thing that talk radio advocates. Not separation from other groups, but combined as one group. AMERICANS. Liberals advocate fighting between the classes. Race, workers, income differences. White collar vs blue collar vs laborer. I believe we are one class. AMERICANS. Liberals advocate dividing people into groups. African Americans, Hispanic Americans, European Americans, and so on. If you're an American whether by birth or by choice, you're an American.

Talk radio does not divide the races and classes. Neither does Conservatism. Colin Powell does. The liberals do. The press does. Having said all of that, I guess I should admit to one group that I'm prejudiced against.....Lawyers. I'm working on it though.

I guess today was my day to rant.

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