Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Democrat in White House = CORRUPTION

Here we go again. In 1992, Bill Clinton was running for the Democrat nomination for President. Amid some obscure stories of a corrupt land deal, he was selected to run against President George H. W. Bush (Bush 41 for those unfamiliar). Whitewater, Gennifer Flowers, draft dodging, and even reports of him fathering a child out of wedlock were mentioned but not seriously considered during the campaign.

During his first year in office, Whitewater became a household word. There was travelgate, then Vince Fosters suicide (?) possibly related to travelgate, whitewater or other things. Following his suicide(?) there were the reports that Hillary got the cold shoulder from Mrs. Foster because she was having an affair with Vince Foster.

We spent the next 8 years having to listen to the corruption of the Clintons. Travelgate, Arlingtongate, Whitewater, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, culminating in his being caught red-handed (or blue dressed) with Monica Lewinsky. There was a sitting governor indicted and convicted (Jim Guy Tucker). Mike Espy, Webb Hubbell, Ron Brown (died in plane crash), a woman found dead in the Commerce Department offices, blackmail by a foriegn country, then there was the married couple, Jim and Susan McDougal.

Here we are in 2008. The people of the United States have just elected a Democrat to the White House. Senator Barack Hussein Obama has been elected President. By the way, there is no such thing as the "office of the President Elect" and Senator Obama is not officially "President Elect" until after December 15 when the electors finally elect him President. So what do we have now?

Obama has not even taken the office yet and the corruption has started. We've heard again, short-lived reports of a shady land deal, how he forced out another candidate in his own party to get elected to the state Senate in Illinois, questions about his citizenship and even reports of another woman. Now we find out that the governor of Illinois was trying to sell the vacated Senate seat of Senator Obama (he resigned his seat on November 16). The sale portion was to put money into the hands of the governor, his wife, and his campaign for re-election.

Governor Rod Blagojevich, (pronounced bagoyovich) was arrested at his home at 6:15 am on Tuesday, December 9, 2008. There are numerous charges against him and his advisor (also arrested this morning), for bribery in trying to sell the vacated Senate seat of Senator Obama. He also wanted to get his wife appointed to a board which would give her a high paying job which they hoped would be in excess of $150,000 per year. He also wanted to be appointed to the position of Secretary of Health and Human Services. If he didn't get something, he considered appointing himself to the Senate to replace Obama.

In addition, the governor and his aide were allegedly conspiring to demand the firing of the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune in exchange for help in selling Wrigley Field.

Again, if we refer back to the Clinton years, we go just a bit before the Clinton years. There was a senator named Bob Packwood who was charged with sexual harassment. The prosecutor in his case was Ken Starr. The Democrats loved Ken Starr because he managed to get rid of Bob Packwood. However, just a few short years later, Ken Starr was appointed to be the special prosecutor in the Whitewater investigation of Bill Clinton. We all know how Starr was vilified by the Democrats for his work on Bill Clinton's corruption.

Let's move ahead to the Bush 43 years. A special prosecutor was named to investigate the outing of Valerie Plame as a CIA operative. His name was Patrick Fitzgerald. The only thing he was able to accomplish was to get Scooter Libby indicted for lying to investigators during the investigation. Democrats loved him for getting the indictment, despite Libby not being indicted for outing Plame. Richard Armitage was actually the one that put her name out, and he was never indicted let alone convicted.

Now, Patrick Fitzgerald is the prosecutor in the case against Governor Blagojevich. Already the press is complaining because the governor was arrested at his home rather than being allowed to turn himself in. Patrick Fitzgerald is about to be the Ken Starr of the Obama administration.

In another bit of irony, a Grand Jury has issued subpoenas in the Rezko/Obama land deal.

Do you notice what's missing in all of this information? First thing that's missing is The people. Obama didn't finish his term in the Senate. The Governor of Illinois selects his replacement. Not the people. This is a perfect example of what's wrong with a sitting governor replacing a Senator or a Representative when they don't finish their terms. The way to solve this is not to leave this in the hands of elected officials, but rather to call a special election so the people may select their Representative or Senator to represent them. After all, the people proved they can do the righ thing. They voted out the corrupt and indicted William Jefferson from the House. The second thing missing in all of this is that the stories I read in the Chicago Tribune and the CBS websites don't even mention that Governor Blagojevich is a Democrat. It's not mentioned even once in either of those stories.

It appears we're in for another four years (hopefully not eight years) of investigations and corruption. I, for one, do not want to see another impeachment of a sitting President. I'm afraid though that we're headed that way. For you liberals reading this, fear not. You have 58 Senate seats, so he won't be removed from office.

We're about to have another Democrat in office and we've already got the scandals.

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Flaky moderate here, just dropping in to say thanks for the pointers on pronouncing the governor's name. Those Polish names can be a challenge even when they come equipped with enough vowels.