Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Impeachment again?

We probably shouldn’t be surprised that impeachment is being brought up. The hatred for President Trump from the media and from the liberals is unmistakable. However, the lack of sense coming from the liberals, the media and even many of the GOP is mind boggling.

By the way, impeachment is for high crimes and misdemeanors. But misdemeanors does not mean a law is broken. Misdemeanors also means lack of morality among other things. More on this another time. 

James Comey Fired

Let’s start with the firing of James Comey. The only surprise is that it took so long to get rid of him. James Comey has been the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Notice the title. Especially the last word in that title. “Investigation”. It is not the Federal Bureau of Prosecution.

Last July, Comey held a press conference. He spent approximately 15 minutes laying out what they had discovered about Hillary Clinton’s E-mails and server. He listed all of the things that she’d said to the American people over the months leading up to that day  that weren’t true. By the end of his comments, many were certain that he was going to recommend prosecution. But then he said he knew of nobody that would prosecute this case. It didn’t meet the level for prosecution, according to him.

Remember why he put himself in the position of laying that out publicly. Attorney General Loretta Lynch had recently met with former President Bill Clinton, husband of Hillary Clinton candidate for President, on a plane privately. This caused a serious lack of trust that Lynch would prosecute from her own party.

This was not what he should have done,. He should have turned it over to a Senate Committee, or a House Committee, and to the Deputy Attorney General, which is the person he is supposed to report.

Due to his deciding whether or not to recommend whether or not to prosecute, he should have been terminated at that time. When he brought it back on October 28, 2016 saying that agents had found more E-mails from the Clinton server that were on Anthony Weiners (husband to Huma Abidin, assistant to Hillary Clinton ) computer, and announced it, he should have been fired again.

The Tape Comment

In an  interview with Lester Holt, President Trump said that Comey asked for a dinner and then there were two phone conversations. During one of the phone conversations, Trump said “I don’t know if you can even tell me, but if you can, am I under investigation?” Comey, according to Trump, said no.

Comey denied that later. To which Trump responded, “Comey should hope that there isn’t a tape of their conversation. This set off a fire storm and congress started saying they wanted those tapes.

Let’s think back to what the media had reported. Supposedly, Trump was upset with Comey because when Comey was asked about Trump saying he had been wire tapped, and Comey said he didn’t see it as viable.

Maybe I’m the only one that saw the correlation here, but when Trump said “better hope there isn’t a tape” of he and Comey, I saw it as a comment about Comey not taking Trumps wiretap comment seriously earlier this year. Meaning that whomever was taping Trump at Trump Tower might be taping phone conversations at the White House.

The media

The media never hesitates to question President Trump. But they never question Comey’s veracity. They never question the Democrats on their positions. But they have no problem changing the quotes from Trump.

They also claim to have “sources” but nobody is ever named as that source. One of their favorite comments are “according to my reporting”. Lately, they come out with comments that they say comes from a source, but never identify their sources. This is convenient.  They can claim anything they choose and attribute it to a “source” but never name the source.

They also claim that there is no and was no chaos at the FBI. However, last July there were many reports about FBI agents that were very upset that Comey decided not to prosecute Hillary.


The GOP is the most disappointing group of people. They have gone silent in these latest attacks on President Trump. They don’t follow through on their promises about Health Care nor on Tax reform. They make excuses for why it can’t be done or that it can’t be done before the end of summer. The GOP is in charge of the House, the Senate and the White House. Not getting this done only shows they are impotent!

Think back to when Obamacare passed. The Democrats, and Obama shut the GOP out. They didn’t need them. The rammed it through. But then, Senator Kennedy died before the vote. So they had to vote on the House bill without any changes, or the new Senator, Scott Brown, would be the vote to end Obamacare in it’s tracks.

The GOP couldn’t even get Obamacare repealed and had to work deals to get it finally done in April and sent to the Senate. But the Senate isn’t even looking at it. They decided to create their own. The GOP can’t get along with themselves!

Everyone was saying that the Democrats were set way back following the election and didn’t have much hope for the 2018 elections let alone 2020. The GOP should have put them away with their health care repeal (that they haven’t yet done) and with tax reform ( also not yet done). The Democrats are still up and kicking because of some members of the GOP. Such as Senator John McCain from Arizona who is constantly going on the news programs and saying how Trump is always wrong, incoherent, or inexperienced. Such as Representative Justin Amash from Michigan who is now calling for a special prosecutor and even said he believes Trumps latest are enough to impeach him.

For Amash to call for a special prosecutor and bring up impeachment, he might as well have told the Democrats, you’re back on the playing field. Not because of their policies or beliefs but because Amash has legitimized them.

Special Prosecutor

If a special prosecutor is named to investigate, we’re in for years of investigations that may or may not have to do with Russia, Comey, or Trumps people. If you’re a Democrat, do you want Kenneth Starr investigating you? Clinton wouldn’t want that again. He started off with  Whitewater and ended up involved in Vince Fosters death, travelgate, Paula Jones and discovered the Monica Lewinsky situation.

Or let’s go back a bit further. Lawrence Walsh investigating George H. W. Bush, He brought indictments of some of Bush’s people but was told the indictments weren’t legitimate. So he waited until 5 days before the election and re-indicted them. Those too were also thrown out but the damage was done and Clinton was elected.

It’s not an independent investigator as the Democrats claim. It’s the salvation of the Democrat party. Is there anything else the GOP would like to do to help the Democrats?

What should President Trump do?

First thing is that there are a tremendous number of leaks. Trump should fire any remaining Democrat. He’s fired Sally Yates, and even fired the White House usher (a Hillary supporter). He ought to fire the rest of them in his administration. Including deputy attorney general McCabe.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop recusing himself from different investigations. If he can’t do the job, resign. Otherwise, do the job you were chosen to do.

President Trump also needs to work on getting the Republicans to pass these initiatives of his and once they have gone through one house or the other, he should hit the road, hold his rallies and sell what he’s just fought for. The people are behind him and he excels at talking with the people. He should use that.

Trump also should know that the press is not his friend. Cut out the daily press conferences. Let them earn their living rather than handing them news. Do not respond to anonymous source stories. Don’t give them any credence at all.

Might as well start up the legal defense fund for all of those that will be investigated. The Clintons did it and they are the masters of raising money for illegal activities.

I don’t think President Trump needs my suggestions, nor any one elses other than those he hires for that purpose, but if the media can say how Trump doesn’t know how to run the government because it’s different than Obama did, then I think your advice, my advice and even advice from people that can’t read is just as viable as the media.

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