Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Democrats Think We're Stupid

Democrats think you can’t think for yourself. This came out clearly in Representative John Lewis’ comments about Donald Trumps election not being legitimate. Also in Senator Diane Feinstein’s comments regarding the election when she said that the Russians took sides by unfairly putting out false information about Hillary to get Trump elected.

There is no doubt that hacking went on during the campaign. There is no doubt that the Russians attempted to hack the Democrat National Committee (DNC), the Republican National Committee (RNC) as well as state election boards around the country. This was known before the election took place in November. In fact, President Obama told the Russians to “knock it off” in October before the election.

The RNC chairman, Reince Preibus even admitted that someone tried to hack their computers during the election campaign but they were unsuccessful. A couple of states admitted that someone tried to hack their systems but they were unsuccessful. The DNC was hacked successfully.

The FBI  warned both the DNC and the RNC that they were in danger of being hacked. The RNC cooperated with the FBI to prevent the hacking. The DNC did not cooperate with the FBI. The RNC was not successfully hacked, the DNC was successfully hacked as was John Podesta’s E-mail.

Let’s take a look at these things. During the final debate, Trump was asked if he’d accept the results of the election and Trumps answer was that he’d keep them in suspense. Hillary’s response was that his answer was horrific that anyone would doubt the results of our election. Yet, now the Clinton campaign, as well as the Democrats (most recently John Lewis) and the press have done just that. How could they be so wrong? It must have been illegitimate. Why is that not horrific?

The Democrats, and most recently Feinstein, have said that the Russians have unfairly attacked Hillary for the purpose of her defeat and if she were to win the election, to weaken her Presidency. What would be fair? Would it be fair for them to release information on Trump as well as HIllary? I’m sure they would have had they been able to hack into the RNC as they did the DNC. But then again, the Russians don’t play fair in warfare, including cyber warfare. Do the Democrats really think that the Russians or any other country is worried about being fair? It’s a major coup for them to hack into any part of America, be it a political party, the power grid, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) or our election process. Remember the OPM was hacked and 22 million Americans personal information was stolen and put out there. Why weren’t they as upset about that as they are about Hillary’s loss in an election?

The hacking of the DNC is not fully decided as to the culprit. At least not publicly. Wikileaks has said that they did not receive the hacked E-mails from Russia or any other state. The Democrats want everyone to believe it was Russia and maybe it was, but Wikileaks claims they didn’t get it directly from Russia. Gee, which do we trust? Wikileaks who is run by a guy living in an embassy to avoid being tried for crimes, or Russia who do try to hack our systems, as well as attack our friends, while being run by a former KGB agent?

The information the hacks produced has not been denied as being real. In fact, the Chairman of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz lost her job because of what was put out from those-mails. Do the Democrats fire people for false activity? Donna Brazille, the new Chair of the DNC lost her job with CNN (at least for the time being) because she gave debate questions to Hillary’s campaign before the debates, and she is not going to be back as the chair of the DNC. Nobody has denied that the E-mails were real.

Remember when your kids played baseball at 8 or 9 years old and the leagues said they wouldn’t keep score so that kids would not have a bad experience? Kids didn’t get the chance to learn sportsmanship. Not to be boastful when they’ve won and not to get angry when they don’t. They must be today’s Democrats.

The information that was gleaned from the E-mails only confirmed what people have thought about the Clintons. It gave some proof of the truth that was obvious about Benghazi, and that Wasserman-Shultz was in league with Hillary to help her get the nomination rather than allowing the primary process, meaning the voters, select the nominee.

The Democrats claiming that the Russians caused the election to go against Hillary only shows that they think the American people are stupid and can’t think for themselves.

Representative John Lewis, during his interview on Meet the Press said that he’d not attend the inauguration, the first one he’s missed since he’s been in the Congress. This is a lie. He also boycotted the inauguration in 2001 of George W. Bush. You can see it on the link below. He says it at the 45 second mark on the link.

If Democrats want to start gaining ground instead of the constant losing they’ve been doing the past four elections, they might start with actually telling the truth for a change and  understanding that the American people are not stupid.

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