Friday, May 6, 2016

Save our Dying Nation

Benjamin Franklin once said, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”

We all know that this country is $19 Trillion in debt. What most don’t realize is that there is another $221 Trillion of debt on top of that.

Our government is getting so bloated that we’re in danger of losing this country as we know it. That’s not an accurate statement. Our government “is” so bloated. We have people that have been legitimately in need of assistance. The elderly, and the disabled are the ones that come to mind first. These people have needs that they must have help. Unfortunately, we have started giving money to those that aren’t in need but refuse to do for themselves.

We have heard throughout our lives that only in the United States of America can a person start with nothing and build a life. It’s been proven throughout our history. It doesn’t matter the age of the person. A young person can do it. An older person can do it. Anyone can do it! But it’s never done by government mandate.

We have become an entitlement society. If you don’t get a job, there’s a government agency that will give you money. If you are a certain race, there’s an agency that will give you money. If you’re here legally or illegally, there’s a government agency that will give you money.

This has been passed on in our personal lives as well. Driving is not a privilege to kids. It’s now a “right”. Health care is not something you go and earn money to pay for, it’s now a “right” and if you can’t pay for it, there’s a government agency that will pay for it. Now even kids have cell phones and that is their “right”. Not on social media? Why not? Your neighbor is, it’s your “right”.

We have rights spelled out in our constitution. The Bill of Rights. Those are “rights”! There was some other “rights” spelled out in the declaration of independence. “The Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Cars, cell phones, social media would fall under the category of “pursuit of happiness”. You’re not guaranteed happiness, you’re guaranteed the “PURSUIT” of happiness.

Our government has removed the importance of charity and replaced it with entitlement. Abortions are not a right, but the government will pay or help pay for it. This removes the option for those that don’t believe in abortion and uses some of their dollars to pay for something that they wouldn’t contribute to.

Welfare is part of that $221 Trillion dollars we’re spending. There is a limit. It’s assumed by most economists that when our debt hits $24 Trillion it will exceed our ability to pay. People that have a legitimate need, such as the elderly and the disabled, will not get that needed money.

Those that are sitting around collecting welfare will not receive money any longer. Children whose parents refuse to provide for them, will no longer have money to buy food. Not from government and not from charities. This will expand down to those that are working and making a living for themselves. So if you like to give to a charity or help someone in need, you’ll no longer be able to because you’ll no longer have that money. Those of us that are responsible, go to work everyday, bring home a paycheck and take care of our families will have our own children/grandchildren starving and homeless. People will actually be starving! Crime will increase. Not due to laziness or inability. But due to entitlements. Worried about your facebook account and whether or not you can check it today? Imagine wondering where your next meal will come from or where you’ll find shelter.

That comfortable home you’re living in, whether a mansion, or a 1,500 square foot home with a garage and a basement will be lost because there is no money. Essential services such as police and fire, will no longer be affordable. Utilities, such as electricity, gas, sewer will no longer be affordable. Right now, people think it’s a big deal when their power goes out for a day or two and they can’t shower. Imagine what it will be like when there is no power at all because you don’t have a place to live let alone the money to pay an electric bill.

There’s an old saying that if you give a man a fish, you’ve fed him for a day, but teach him to fish and you’ve fed him for life. No, it’s not biblical but it’s common sense. We’ve been giving everyone everything if they have one thing in their lives that has not gone quite the way someone thinks it should. We are coming to a place where we won’t have anything for them any longer.

We still have time. We can still correct it. But, it’s going to take some guts. Those we elect need to cut the spending. They need to eliminate the ridiculous regulations that hold people back from working and making a living. We’re in serious trouble and we actually have politicians fighting about whether men who choose to identify themselves as a woman can use a ladies restroom. Do you want some common sense?

A bathroom is used to expel the waste in your body. It’s not supposed to be a social experiment! If you have a male part, use the men’s room. If we waste our time on issues like this, we’re avoiding saving this  nation from spending itself into oblivion.

If you want your government to keep spending your money unwisely, then prepare yourselves to look at things you can’t stand looking at. Like a  child digging through a dumpster looking for lunch. Or another child beating yet another child to death for something he or she is wearing. When Barack Obama took office, our debt was just over $10 Trillion. Now it’s $19 Trillion and will be over $20 Trillion before the next president takes over.

If you don’t believe me that these things can and will happen, watch what happens on the southern border as another few hundred thousand kids come on top of railroad cars and walking across deserts to this country only to be raped, murdered or sold into human bondage as happened in the summer of 2014. The picture at the top shows illegal immigrants coming here in 2014. How long before this is a way of life for our own citizens and children? 

If we don’t start holding our governments feet to the fire this is exactly what we’re headed for. Face it and fix it, or run and hide from it until it catches up with us and you can no longer hide from it. We found we can vote ourselves money and our politicians have done just that. Now it’s time to see that we can vote ourselves away from these entitlements and get back on a track where we can save this country and hope that it’s not too late. I for one do not want to see friends, their children, grandchildren, nor my own children and eventually grandchildren starving. I don’t want to see one parent looking at their ten year old that in days past could be playing little league baseball but now can’t figure out how to stay warm in the winter snow.

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