Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cruz and Trump Creating President Hillary

With the way this campaign is going and the most recent turn of events, it’s looking more and more likely that we’ll see a President Hillary.

Here’s what seems to have happened. In Utah, a superpac put out an ad for Senator Ted Cruz. Utah is a very religious state. It is the home of the Mormons. It’s considered one of the most prominent states when it comes to religious beliefs and it’s solidly Republican.

Leading up to the Primary vote in Utah yesterday, an ad was put out by a Super Pac for Senator Ted Cruz. That ad showed a photo of Donald Trump’s wife, Melania,  posing for GQ magazine fifteen years ago. She was not married to Trump at the time. She was undressed and provocatively positioned. This is naturally designed for the voters of Utah so they’d choose Senator Cruz in the primary, which he won with 69% of the vote.

Today, Donald Trump, upon hearing of this ad, tweeted out threatening to “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz, wife of Ted Cruz.  

There are two types of people in this world that I consider despicable. They are wasting oxygen as far as I’m concerned. Those people are those that would abuse children and those that would abuse women. If you’re going to exert power over a child or a woman just because you can, you deserve to be shunned. Banned from society. You’re a worthless being and I purposely left out “human” before being.

Before you get the idea that I’m going to defend one of these candidates over the other, you’re wrong. Both of them, Trump and Cruz, are dead wrong and severely lacking in character in this drama.

Once that ad came out, Ted Cruz should have 
grabbed every microphone and camera he could get his hands on and denounced the ad and demanded that the ad be pulled, destroyed and never again shown with the Super Pac issuing a profound apology. He should have harped on them until they did as he required! But he didn’t.

Now, I understand that candidates are not supposed to be in contact with the Super Pac’s. The name of the Super Pac is “Make America Awesome”. It’s a violation of the law for them to have any control over Super Pac’s. If Cruz standing up and demanding that they pull that ad and hammering home that message until it’s pulled, is against the law, then he should have violated the law and paid the fine. To do anything less than to stand up for what’s right is the same as giving your okay for this ad. YOU DO NOT ATTACK WOMEN!! It was done in Cruz’s name and he should have stood up against that ad because it was done for his benefit. To do anything less makes him just as guilty of attacking a woman as the Super Pac.

Donald Trump did try to defend his wife, but the way he chose to do it was just as wrong as Cruz. He threatened to attack Cruz’s wife Heidi. If abusing a woman is wrong, isn’t abusing a woman in retaliation just as wrong?

These women are not the candidates. They are the wives of the candidates. They may be campaigning with them but they are not the candidate. They are their wives.

In 1824, Andrew Jackson ran against John Quincy Adams for the Presidency. He lost. He ran again in 1828. The first time was a hard fought battle. The second was worse. Jackson’s wife was short and fat. Jackson was older for that time in history. Life expectancy was less than his age at the time. He was losing his teeth. He had a rough past.

When he met his wife he fell in love. They got married. His wife had been married before to an abusive husband. It wasn’t like today where you can get a divorce at the drop of a hat. She tried to get a divorce and her husband wouldn’t give it to her. Finally she left him for the last time and he filed for divorce. She met and married Andrew Jackson thinking she was divorced but her first husband had failed to finalize the divorce. When this was discovered, she had the divorce finalized and then remarried Jackson in 1794.

In 1806 a man named Charles Dickinson claimed that Jackson had reneged on a bet and then called Jackson’s wife, Rachel, a bigamist. Jackson challenge him to a duel for his wife’s honor. Jackson was shot in the chest but still managed to shoot and kill his opponent. For his wife’s honor! Jackson had problems the rest of his life from that gunshot wound, but he survived.

During the election of 1828, Rachel campaigned with and for her husband. Adams and his people brought up the bigamy and used it in the campaign calling Rachel a bigamist.  It was grueling and when the election was finally won, Rachel had a heart attack and died. Jackson was distraught and held on to his wife after she died. He had to be pulled away from her.

She was buried on Christmas eve and at the burial Jackson said, “May God Almighty forgive her murders. I never can.”

Jackson didn’t stop there. You can read about the Petticoat affair and find another example of his standing up for a woman’s honor. This time a member of his cabinet’s wife.

During the Clinton years, the nation was told to leave Chelsea Clinton out of any stories. She was not to be attacked. Hillary was involved and put in charge of the travel office, and of course health care both of which were debacles. She’s now close to being indicted for her actions with the E-mail and possibly for her actions as Secretary of State and using that position to raise money for the Clinton Foundation. Those are possibly illegal acts that she committed. She’s to be held accountable.

But what has Melania Trump done? Posed for a picture fifteen years ago before she even knew Trump? What has Heidi Cruz done other than marry Ted Cruz?

To go after these women, either yourself or using surrogates is just plan despicable.
We are in danger of losing our country and our freedoms and our way of life in this election. Yet we have three candidates on the Republican side that are acting like anything but a decent human being. They are almost making Hillary Clinton look like a normal person and we all know that she’s nowhere near being anything a President should be.

We have terrorists attacking around the world including in this country with the promise of more. We have a southern border where any terrorist or even criminal can walk across the border like it was hopping a hopscotch line. Do you really think Hillary will have a strategy to combat ISIS? Her plan is to have them as happy immigrants that vote for Democrats!  We have a health care system that is already creating joblessness and poverty. We have veterans that served this country to protect us and keep us free being treated worse than dogs in a kennel by our Veterans Administration. We have a Democrat party that is using race baiting to drum up votes at the expense of not just the white Americans but the black Americans and Hispanic Americans as well. And these two clowns, Cruz and Trump are attacking each others wives?

Ronald Reagan created an 11th commandment. That commandment is “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.”  Are we really so bad off that we need a twelfth commandment to keep the men from attacking women?

Let me be clear if I haven’t already been. If you’re abusing your wife, you’re worthless. If you’re abusing women, you’re worthless. If you’re abusing another’s wife, you’re worthless. If you don’t stand up for a woman when she’s being attacked, you’re a coward! That’s not presidential material and that will only get Hillary elected President. If you like being dictated to by the government, then you’re on the right track because if Hillary wins, that’s exactly what will happen.

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