Friday, January 8, 2016

America Run Amok

The leaders of this country have run amok. They are not leaders. Give Donald Trump a lot of credit for bringing much of this to the forefront. Do not take that as an endorsement of Donald Trump because it’s not.

Trump has brought political correctness out in the open, thumbed his nose at it and made fun of the press as they tried to hammer him about being anti woman, anti muslim, and even anti American.

Planned parenthood is a good example and Trump must share that with Carly Fiorina as she was and is more vocal on the abuses of planned parenthood. Neither Trump nor Fiorina backed down when the press called Trump anti woman and accused Fiorina of talking about a non existant video showing a fetus with it’s heart still pumping, legs twitching while technicians discussed harvesting the brain and other body parts, which turned out to be true.

Hillary Clinton defended planned parenthood. President Obama and his administration defended planned parenthood. The Democrats  in both houses of congress defended planned parenthood. Who is defending the babies? Who is defending the mothers who thought they were aborting a fetus that wasn’t yet alive?  Thank God the Republicans control the House and can pass the budget without funding planned parenthood. All they have to do is get it through the Senate and let Obama veto it and the Republicans would not be blamed for shutting down the government because the majority of Americans are disgusted with planned parenthood.

The House Republicans put forth a bill that funded Obamacare for another year and funded planned parenthood! Politicians playing politics!

In San Bernardino, a Christmas party is attacked by a co-worker. Turns out it was a co-worker and his wife. We now know that the husband was born here, the wife came here on a special marriage visa. They were terrorists! Why didn’t the government figure out they were terrorists? With what we now know, they could have looked them up on facebook and figured it out.

Trump suggests that we should suspend all immigration of Muslims until we figure out how to screen them properly to protect American citizens on American soil. Immediately, the politicians, and the press call him a bigot for singling out a religion. Yet, we know that it’s radical Islamic extremists (a term the Democrats will not use) that are perpetrating the attacks all over the world. Why wasn’t Obama termed a bigot of religion when he talked about the religious right? Why isn’t the press labeled bigots when they talk about the Christian Conservative Extremists?

Today, a cop was shot point blank three times. He still managed to go after and shoot the terrorist. The terrorist admitted he was doing it for Islam but the Mayor claims he’s not a terrorist, but just a criminal. Political Correctness!

Hillary’s E-mail scandal grows today. She’s claimed that she neither sent nor received any mail on her personal server marked Classified. Today, we find out why. Late last night, the State Department released 3,007 E-mails and one showed Hillary instructing one of her advisors to remove the markings showing they were classified and send it to her. If the FBI decides to send a referral for charges it will go to the Justice Department to decide if they want to take action. Pay close attention here. Obama’s Justice Department will decide if the candidate for President from the Presidents own party should be indicted. Snowballs have a better chance of surviving 80 degree heat every day for the month of July.

Complaints are flying about the leader of the candidates in the Republican Party. Donald Trump. Those in their seats in the House and Senate don’t want him. They are trying to figure out how to get him out. Think about that. The American people are so far showing more interest in Donald Trump and the politicians don’t like it so they are trying to sabotage him somehow. The politicians are trying to thwart the will of the people!

Obama has decided to implement a form of gun control by expanding background checks. It doesn’t matter that none of his background check ideas would have stopped even one bullet from leaving a gun. He’s got to do something, anything , to show he’s doing something. However, he’s doing it. Congress isn’t doing it.

He claims he must do it by executive order because Congress won’t do it. That is not how we do things in this country. We have a Constitution that we’re supposed to follow. If Congress wants to pass a law that does no good, that’s up to them. But just because Obama disagrees with the outcome, it does not give him the right, nor the authority to write laws and enact them as executive orders. It’s called Separation of Powers and check and balances. Congress writes and passes law, the President signs or vetoes laws and the Supreme Court decides, based on the Constitution, whether those laws are Constitutional. No one branch is permitted to take over the other branches responsibilities.

On this site, we’re instituting our own political correctness which is actually a political reality and not political correctness. Hillary and Obama are labeling themselves “Progressives”. There is NOTHING about either of them that is progressive. It’s more accurate to call them “regressive”. However, here, they will be called extreme liberals, liberal extremists or just Liberals. Except for Bernie Sanders who will remain as he labels himself. Socialist.

The Republicans in office will not rock the boat. They will not state the obvious. They play the political correctness line. Recently, Hillary called Trump sexist. Think about that. Hillary Clinton is married to a man that has had women jumping out of closets. Gennifer Flowers was an admitted mistress to him. Juanita Broaderick said she was raped by Clinton and Hillary thanked her for staying quiet for so many years. Kathleen Willey reported that Clinton had groped her on the day that her husband died! Paula Jones sued him for his sexual advances and who can forget Monica Lewinski? A lawsuit was filed and settled where Clinton had to pay one of those he abused. He lost his license to practice law because of it. He was impeached! Hillary was active in enabling him in his extracurricular activities and she’s calling Donald Trump sexist? She is supposed to be the smartest woman alive according to the press in her past races. Did she really not think that Trump wouldn’t go after her enabling Bill Clinton? Do you liberals really want someone that stupid sitting in the White House?

Hillary spent 11 hours testifying before the Benghazi committee in October. The press praised her for her stamina in putting up with 11 hours of attacks from those evil Republicans only out for a witch hunt. They praised her!!! She was caught telling her daughter in an E-mail that the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist attack within hours of the attack! She was caught telling the prime minister of Egypt it was a terrorist attack. But hours later, and a couple of days later, when the caskets were flown to Andrews Air Force base and the families of the four dead were there, she then told the families that they would prosecute the maker of the video that caused the problem. She made a speech there saying it was due to a video. Yet later, she denied saying it was due to a video. She was caught lying!

Ted Cruz pointed this out to the moderators at the debate in December. Donald Trump pointed it out and Carly Fiorina has been pointing it out since May of last year.

The Republicans in DC? They are very quiet. They don’t want to upset anyone. It’s no wonder that the best debaters so far have been Carly Fiorina, Donald Trump, Ben Carson and even Ted Cruz, who is considered an outsider even though he’s a Senator.

This country is run amok. It’s going to be an eventful 2016!

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