Wednesday, August 5, 2015

There is Something Wrong in this Country.....

There is something wrong in this country when the government can threaten families with abuse charges for spanking a child, but the public schools and police can put 8 year old kids in handcuffs because they are acting up.

Have families really abdicated their responsibilities of parenting to the schools or have the schools taken over by government decree and the parents don’t have a say any longer? If the best the schools have to offer is to handcuff kids with their hands behind their backs and the handcuffs placed on their biceps and leave them like that for fifteen minutes, then this is just another way that the schools are failing at their jobs and worse, guilty of abuse!

When I was in school during the 1960’s and 1970’s, if I got in trouble, the best way the school had to punish me was to call my parents. I got a lecture from my parents, which was bad because they always turned out to be right. I got spankings from my parents for not doing as I was supposed to at school and for causing trouble at school, and sometimes I got grounded. No use of the car for a couple of weeks, or no leaving the house. Or added chores. And I was really out of line, I got the lecture, the spanking, and the grounding. I wonder if there is a statute of limitations on spankings? I’d hate to see my 80 year old parents go to jail for daring to spank their children 50 years ago.

Now parents are afraid to discipline their kids. Either the teachers will call it abuse, or they’ll call the police and you’ll be branded a child abuser, forced to take counseling on how not to destroy little Johnny’s self esteem, and possibly jail time. God forbid if you take away their cell phone, let alone driving privileges.

There is something wrong in this country when the government can force their way in to reading our E-mail but the former first lady of Arkansas, former first lady of the United States, former Senator from New York and former Secretary of State (all the same person in Hillary Clinton) can use her own personal server and E-mail address rather than the secure government address, and then pick and choose what she thinks is relevant to turn over to the government two years after she leaves office. My sending and receiving jokes is not that important, but apparently, it’s more important to the government than E-mails that should be classified and deal with National Security.

Luckily, it seems a federal judge thinks that the law should be followed and that Clinton shouldn’t be handing off a thumb drive with her E-mails on it to a lawyer who has no clearance to have that information.

There is something wrong in this country when a man decides to run for President of the United States and the “professional” politicians say he’s not qualified. Professional politicians got us national health care despite more than 2/3 of the country not wanting it. Professional politicians are running for President knowing that the majority of the country does not want Common Core, but still say there is nothing wrong with it and they won’t do anything to end it. Professional politicians have been telling us for years that they’d fix social security, but they haven’t.

Even the professional politicians that I have to vote for to avoid having another 8 years of socialism, can lie and keep their jobs or move to a higher position of authority by lying to us. Republicans ran promising to stop Obamacare, but they funded it. They promised to stop the executive order Obama signed allowing illegal aliens status in this country, but they funded it and didn’t stop it. Professional politicians promised to have a three day waiting period on bills so that everyone that wanted to read it, could, but they haven’t done so.

The qualifications to run for President in this country are simple. You must have been born here in this country and been a resident for the past 14 years. You must be 35 years old or older. Donald Trump qualifies.

Donald Trump was not politically correct when he said that Mexico was not sending their best to this country but that they were sending the murderers, and drug dealers and criminals here. He also said he assumes that some are good people. But what Donald Trump was, was honest and saying what many people are complaining about when comes to illegal immigration. Yes, we should send them back and if they want to come back legally fine. We do NOT need to find a way for them to stay. Or create special visas or work permits to those that have broken our laws to get here.

There is something wrong in this country when the President of the United States sends three representatives to the funeral of a criminal that attacked one of our police officers, but doesn’t even comment on the death of Kate Steinle who was murdered by an illegal alien in a sanctuary city that was created because he refuses to enforce the laws that we have on the books already.

We shouldn’t be shocked by this when he has been on the wrong side from the very earliest days of his presidency when the professor at Cambridge got belligerent with a police officer who was investigating a possible break in to the man’s house. The president holding a beer summit after proclaiming the police acted stupidly has possibly led to more and more incidents, such as Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and the riots in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland.

Here's a thought for you. On September 11, 2001, there were 2,977 killed by the terrorists. Since President Obama took office, there have been 2,993 Americans murdered by illegal aliens! But the President will not enforce the existing laws. 

There is something wrong in this country when we are suspect when we look at what's happening in this country and say that there is something wrong in this country. 

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