Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Today, it’s reported that the Jordanian pilot that was held captive by the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) has been killed. Just last week, the Jordanians offered to release the prisoner that ISIS wanted released in exchange for their captured pilot. Allow me to repeat that using other words. ISIS demanded the release of a female suicide bomber being held by Jordan and they gave a deadline for this to be agreed to or they would kill their captive, the Jordanian pilot. Jordan agreed and only asked for proof of life of their pilot before turning over the prisoner. ISIS was silent. The deadline passed and ISIS remained silent.

Now we know why. The pilot, Moaz al-Kasasbeh, was killed on January 3. A month earlier. ISIS was demanding ransom as if the pilot was still alive. Don’t think that this was the most despicable of the show being played out by ISIS because it gets much much worse.

In the past year, ISIS has demanded ransom for other prisoners they’ve held. The United States does not negotiate with terrorists (remember this) so ISIS cut their heads off and sent the video of the beheadings for the US government to see. Jordan did negotiate, and still the pilot was killed. In fact, he was killed before ISIS made their ransom demands as though he were alive.

This murder was different than their previous murders. Their other captives were beheaded. This pilot was burned alive in a 20 minute video and then buried under sand and steel dropped on his cage after he’d been burned alive. This was more than an execution. This was torture culminating in his slow death.

For the past few weeks the question has been why won’t President Obama call ISIS for what they are? Radical Islamic Terrorists. This is not calling all muslims terrorists. It’s calling ISIS “radical” islamic terrorists. There is a difference that Obama can’t seem to bring himself to understand.

Obama thinks that he can settle these conflicts with diplomatic solutions. He’s currently negotiating with Iran over nuclear weapons. He’s recently negotiated the US policy towards Cuba away. It’s said he’s even negotiating with N. Korea. Well, he got his deal with the Castro’s in Cuba. And once he had that deal, Raoul Castro then said he wanted the be repaid for 55 years of pain and suffering by the embargo and the want gitmo back.Obama apparently is not good at negotiations unless he intended to give all of this up. 

ISIS was created because Obama pulled out of Iraq. We’d won the war, and were working with Iraq so they could learn to manage their own country. We were warned that if we left Iraq too soon Iran would move in or Al Queda would move in to fill the void left by our departure. Obama was elected and pulled out of Iraq and Al Queda in the form of ISIS moved in just as predicted. ISIS is what Obama called the JV team. If this is the JV team, how scary will the Varsity be?

ISIS has stated their intention to come to the United States to attack us at home. Obama has responded to ISIS movement across Syria and Iraq with bombs from airplanes and refuses to consider boots on the ground, despite the military leaders saying that we can’t defeat them with just bombing runs.

There is now a very stark contrast that can be made. On September 11, 2001, al queda attacked us. President Bush hadn’t been in office a full seven months yet. Four planes were hijacked. The world trade center was brought down. The Pentagon had a gaping hole in it and the fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania because American Citizens took the plane back from terrorists. That act saved politicians lives.

On October 7, less than one month after the attack on us, President Bush began bombing Afghanistan and we were at war against Al queda terrorists. The continental United States was not attacked again the rest of Bush’s presidency. Obama took over as President in 2009. We have been attacked several times in this country since.

France was attacked a few weeks ago. Obama didn’t even send an official to stand with the French while the rest of the world did. Following the beheadings, Obama did nothing other than start dropping a few bombs from airplanes on ISIS. Where is the leadership? 

Now, today, since the burning of the pilot has been seen, Obama is talking about a coalition going after ISIS while the United States follows. Not leads. FOLLOWS!!

Americans are beheaded by ISIS and Obama releases prisoners from Guantanamo. A Jordanian pilot is burned alive by ISIS and Jordan says they will execute the female prisoner that ISIS wanted released. That prisoner has now been hanged along with another criminal. Likely more to follow.

Obama should take a lesson from the King of Jordan. Jordan didn’t release their prisoners. They executed their convicted criminals following the pilot being burned alive.

It’s sad to see that leader of the free world do nothing but open our borders and release terrorists so they can fight again while the King of Jordan takes action and stands up to ISIS. Unfortunately, our President is despicable.

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