Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NFL Running Country?

The National Football League is now attempting to set laws across the nation. At issue is a bill in Arizona that will prevent business owners from being sued if they refuse to do business with homosexuals.

I’m not even going to go into detail about the law. I think it’s silly from what I know of it but that issue is not what this is about.

If Governor Brewer signs the bill into law, the NFL will apparently pull the Super Bowl out of Arizona and take it elsewhere. The Super Bowl in question is next years, in 2015. Will the NFL also not allow any team to play a game against the Arizona Cardinals in Arizona as punishment for this law? How long before they start doing this on any issue?

Have you ever walked into a store and seen “no shirt, no shoes, no service”? How long before that becomes discrimination and the NFL says they won’t play their games in any state that has that policy in even a single store?

Whether the law is a good law or a bad law it is written by the representatives of the State of Arizona. They were elected. If the people of Arizona disagree with it, it is up to them to take it up with their representatives.

In reality the NFL is doing the same thing that they are complaining about. They are refusing to participate in a state that they disagree with while complaining that the people of Arizona are deciding not to do business with a certain segment of society.

The Super Bowl is a big money maker for the city and state that the game is played. It’s also a big money maker for the NFL. It appears that Governor Brewer will veto the bill because she’d vetoed a similar bill in the past. However, it would be a big move for Governor Brewer, if she is and has been planning to veto it to stand up and say, “the NFL is not welcome in Arizona in 2015.” She could make a huge stand by saying that while the money that it would mean to the state of Arizona and it’s citizens, it is not worth being dictated to be a sports organization and rewarded only if the state does as the NFL wants. The people of Arizona are who she represents, not some organization that wants to hold their event which means a lot to many people in many ways.

I doubt that will happen but it would certainly show that Governor Brewer and the state of Arizona will not be run by people or organizations outside of the citizenship of Arizona.

I dropped AARP several years ago when they backed Obamacare despite what the membership wanted. I suppose it's time to give up professional football. It's disheartening to be held hostage by something that is popular because of their dollars. 

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