Thursday, June 27, 2013

America is Changed, Is it Over?

We are about to celebrate 237 years since independence was declared from Great Britain in 1776. The great experiment of self governance seems to be coming to an end and may have already ended.

While the cry back then was “no taxation without representation” we could almost say today, “no legislation without representation”. Our elected officials are now almost exclusively in it for themselves and themselves alone.

When it suits them they’ll quote those on “the front line” of any topic they are fighting for. Their examples of front line people aren’t always true, in fact are rarely true. Politicians have a habit of saying what certain people think without checking with them first to see if they really do think that. Well, let’s take a look at that.

Today or tomorrow the Senate is going to vote on the Amnesty Bill. Yes, I said “amnesty”. What do those on the front lines say about this bill? Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents (ICE) and from U.S. Citizenship an Immigration Service (USCIS) are asking the United States Senate not to pass this bill. They are also urging citizens to call in and tell their elected officials to vote against it.

They say that this bill will only make it easier for more illegal aliens to stay, still more to enter and that Americans will be at greater risk. These are the people that work this problem day and day out. But they have not been consulted in drafting a plan to put an end to Illegal Immigration. Those in the know, that work the border, say this bill will only ensure more illegal immigration and that it’s putting politics over American’s safety.

At last report it was a 1200 page  bill that nobody has read and it’s mostly pork.

Then we have the Supreme Court ruling yesterday. 32 states have voted on  a marriage being between a man and a woman yet the Supreme Court says the people just don’t matter.

It appears as though we are now the Government Ruled American States. It’s disappointing that Greed and self gratification cannot seem to be held off by standards and principles.

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