Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Prove Who I am? Are you nuts!!??!!

There has been an ongoing issue about vote fraud. It comes in many ways. It can be dead people voting. It can be people saying they are someone that they aren't but not proving it. It can be an illegal alien going to vote because they have a home address. It can be someone claiming that they are a celebrity when they aren't. Even cartoon characters have been registered to vote in different places.

More and more states are creating voter id laws. In short, they require you to prove that you are who you say you by showing a valid id such as a drivers license with your picture on it.

The Democrats are claiming that this is Republicans trying to suppress the vote. This may surprise you, but they are actually correct in this assertion. Allow me to explain. If you are a citizen of this country, whether born here or moved here and became a legal citizen, age 18 or older, you are eligible to vote in our elections. There are a few ways you can lose that eligibility to vote, but otherwise, you're not stopped from voting.

The votes that the ID laws suppress are the illegal votes. An illegal alien is not eligible to vote. A 10 year old is not eligible to vote. So yes, the ID laws being passed are to suppress votes. Illegal votes!

One of the Democrats that is against the voter ID laws, is none other than the Attorney General of the United States. His name is Eric Holder. He is the one that is charged with upholding the laws of this country.

Recently, a man showed up in Washington DC to vote. He had no ID, but it didn't matter because it wasn't a requirement in Washington DC to prove you are who you say you are. This man claimed to be Eric Holder. He was about to be processed through to vote when he said he should get his identification to prove who he is, but it was out in the car. The worker said it wasn't necessary, that he gave his name and address and it matched their records, so he could vote and not prove with an ID who he was. The man insisted and finally the worker agreed. The man said he'd be back with his ID faster than the worker could say "furious" referencing the fast and furious scandal regarding gun running by the government to the Mexican cartels.

Here's the problem. Eric Holder, the attorney general, who's name and address that the man gave as his name, is black. The impersonator is white.

The man that did this, was part of the group from James O'Keefe, who is the same man that did the videos exposing the ACORN group awhile back.

This should cause the liberals a real problem. By their own words, the man should have been permitted to vote despite him not being who he said he was. They'll naturally claim it was a setup because it was done by the O'Keefe group and brought to light on Britebarts site. But, regardless of who did it, and their reasons for doing it, this person should have been permitted to vote and have it count. Well, he would have been permitted to vote. He tried to help the election worker catch him at voter fraud, but the worker wouldn't bite at the help.

This same group (the O'Keefe group) are responsible for the new voter ID law in New Hampshire when they exposed that dead people had voted in a recent election. They also went to Minnesota and were going to vote at Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback. Minnesota is now putting the voter ID law on the ballot to change their Constitution.

I wonder if Eric Holder minds that someone tried to use his name to vote. Had anyone checked the ballots following the election would they have found that Eric Holder had voted twice? Would they even care?

I also wonder if Eric Holder will still say voter ID laws aren't necessary after finding out that someone was impersonating him to cast their ballot...or his ballot.

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Jean Dimpfl said...

The Voter ID Law is one of the most important law of the century as far as I am concerned. I was an election judge in Chicago for 25 years and I can tell you that the democrats have vote fraud down to an art form. For all those years I, as a republican, fought to have the count in our precinct accurate. I fully believe that the Obama crooks will steal this coming election. I wish brave people would sign up in droves and take the training to be poll watcher and take cameras with them. This is a fight and it is the average citizen that needs to jump in the trenches and protect the vote. It training needs to start now.

Anonymous said...

I live in a college town. Many "kids" are here from out of state. THEY can do an absentee ballot for their "hometown" AND vote locally. They vote in high ticket items such as a new stadium for a ballpark, etc and then leave before my taxes go up!
We do not have an ID requirement in NC and of course the dems are fighting tooth and nail to keep it that way. hmmmmm wonder why?