Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let the Games Begin

Welcome to the silly season. It is unlike the four seasons that we go through from year to year in that they last 90 days each while the silly season lasts from the beginning of the first debate until November 6, 2012. The first debate took place in September of 2011.

The best way, or maybe better put, the ideal way for a person to be elected President is to get people to vote for you as opposed to voting against the other guy. However, this election, it’s likely that most will vote against the current resident of the White House rather than voting for the Republican. The current President is so bad that this race could possibly be over when one of the Republicans emerges as the nominee, although the press won’t ever admit it and not allow it to be over until November.

The choices we have for the Republican nominee are all appearing as though they are trying to find ways to lose the nomination. I always break things down to Conservative, moderate and liberal. On the Conservative side, there is Newt Gingrich and possibly Rick Santorum along with Rick Perry. The remaining two are Ron Paul and Mitt Romney.

I’m not going to say much about Ron Paul. I just think he’s weird. He’s got some weird ideas about foreign policy and some even stranger statements about our fighting terrorists in the middle east following the attacks on September 11, 2001. If you’re a Ron Paul supporter, I’m sorry if those words offend you, but just as much as you think he’s the best choice, I think he’s weird.

Rick Santorum and Rick Perry, while considered Conservative in the past, have their own problems. Santorum, while a member of the Senate was involved in the overspending by the government. Rick Perry, while leading while Texas was creating more jobs than anywhere in the country is too lenient about illegal immigration and comes across as wishy washy in the debates.

This leaves Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. Gingrich is a former Speaker of the House. He led the turnaround in 1994 which gained the Republicans control of the House. He was instrumental in putting together and implementing the Contract with America that helped the Republicans take control. He also fought and won in getting a balanced budget during the Clinton administration.

With defined goals and a plan you’d be hard pressed to find someone better than Gingrich. The problem with Gingrich seems to be when the goal is reached, he either has too much time on his hands with no direction or starts contemplating various visions for the future but he doesn’t keep those ideas quiet until they are thought out. He thinks out loud.

Gingrich is an amazing speaker. He can recite history as though he lived through it and apply it to todays problems and make both easy to understand if you take the time to listen to his speeches. But is he patient enough to wait for any changes he makes to filter it’s way to the people, and can he control his ideas without going overboard?

Mitt Romney is a problem. He appears as a store manikin. Every hair in it’s place. That applies to his speeches as well as everything else about him. Everything seems staged, planned or scripted. Even to a tuft of hair being out of place. It’s as though it’s placed out of place on purpose.

He will speak to people when he does his glad handing routine, but he appears to be just tolerating that he must speak to people. If someone disagrees with his position and asks a follow up question of him when he answers their original question, he thanks them and walks away.

Romney began the government health care plan in the State of Massachusetts when he was governor. It became the model for Obamacare nationwide in 2009. Yet he says he will sign the legislation to end Obamacare.

Romney has gone back and forth on abortion. Regardless of your position on abortion, Romney has been there.

Romney would be great with the economy. I have no doubts. But, I have all sorts of doubts about him on immigration, foreign policy, social issues. Worst of all regarding Romney, can he be trusted? I find myself not believing him. That he will say anything to get elected whether it’s the truth or not and I don’t believe he’s really as flexible on any topic as his back and forth record on various issues would lead you to believe.

I believe this race will come down to Romney and Gingrich. I’m afraid that Romney will win, but don’t take that as Gingrich being my ideal choice. Neither of them would be an ideal choice. However, either would be better than what we currently have as President.

One thing is for certain. If you like nasty elections you’re in for a really great year on that front. Obama has already put out attack ads and it’s not even time for that competition. Romney has proven he can and will say anything about an opponent whether it’s true or not. Gingrich has a very sharp tongue as well as we’ve seen the past couple of weeks following Romney’s attack ads.

There does seem to be one thing missing this year from the past two years. The Tea Party. Spending has not been the hot topic whether due to the moderators at the debate or the lack of participation from the Tea Party. Perhaps that will change and the Tea Party will again step up. If so, I suspect it will be in the Senate races which could very well be more important to this country than the Presidential election.

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