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Please accept my apology:
The Obama Administration has been trying to apologize for the United States. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the family of Samir Kahn, the number two man killed at the same time as Anwar Al-Awlaki and offered the countries condolences for his death.

President Obama wanted to visit Hiroshima and apologize for the United States dropping the bomb that helped end WWII, but Japan said it was a non-starter. What's wrong with this picture? We offer to apologize for ending a war 65 years ago and the country that we defeated is refusing to allow us to apologize. Japan is not refusing it out of anger for us beating them.

Mr. President, if you really want to apologize, apologize to the American people for the mess you've created with your plans that have failed. I'm not sorry some terrorist is dead. But I am sorry that more aren't dead.

Lack of stimulation from the stimulus:

An airport received stimulus funds and used it to add to a terminal. Now it's completed and the ramps don't reach the airplanes. I should be fair here. Some of them do. But some of them don't. They aren't sure what went wrong and why they won't reach. Here's a hint guys. Your designers failed 8th grade math! Perhaps the ramps just need to be stimulated to reach. Maybe you can convince the White House for a little more stimulation.

Where's the complaints about high pensions on this one?:

In Illinois, at least 8 union officials are retiring with pensions totaling at or near $500,000 per year! One of these officials took a leave of absence from his $44,000 per year job to work for the union. He will now rake in over $400,000 per year from the job he took the leave from, and the union. Yet the "Occupiers" are complaing about Wall St. bonuses, bailouts of banks and investment companies and the press complains about the huge pensions from corporations for their CEO's when they leave their jobs. Why are they not complaining about these Union officials? Or maybe it's okay because the Union officials represent the "working man" while the CEO's represent the corporations and are not "working men". Can you say double standard?

Halloween is Dangerous:

In San Francisco, the city is requiring a man to take down his haunted house claiming it's too dangerous. Let's see, it's a haunted house, intended to scare people on a day designed to scare people. It's been there for seven years and they are only now just discovering it. The failure seems to be on the city's part for not doing their job for seven years to protect the people from being scared walking into a dangerously put together haunted house for one day each year. Apparently, in the seven years, nobody has been injured. Nobody has been frightened so badly that they've needed medical attention and nobody has complained about it, in fact, many have visited it each year. I wonder if they get that many showing up at city hall and if those that do visit are scared by what the city officials are doing to the citizenry.

Kill list:

The government supposedly has a "kill list"? Apparently, some are upset that Anwar al-Awlaki was murdered because he wasn't brought to trial and he's American born. He's recruited the man that shot over 30 people at Fort Hood, as well as the man that tried to blow up the plane over Detroit with the bomb in his underwear and he was hiding out in Yemen after broadcasting that he's part of al-queda. I think if there is a hit list or kill list, I can agree with the Obama Administration on this one. I might consider stopping when we've killed 3,000 terrorists to make up for the 3,000 Americans killed on September 11, 2001. But I'm more inclined to keep killing until we've killed more than we lost on that day as well as all of the brave soldiers that went and gave their lives to fight the war on terror. If Hillary wants to apoloize to the families of those terrorists that we kill, let her use her home phone and pay her own phone bill. I don't want my tax money going to apologize to anyone that hates this country and certainly not to anyone that wants to kill Americans.

Olive Garden refused to allow American Flag:

A kiwanis group wanted to hold their meeting at an Olive Garden Restaurant. Part of their meeting is to have the American flag and to pledge allegiance to it. The Olive Garden refused saying it would disrupt the "dining experience". The kiwanis members were upset, but still held their meeting. They just told their membership to close their eyes and imagine a flag blowing in the wind as they recited the Pledge.

I'd have done something different. I'd have gone out to their parking lot, held the meeting and ordered the food from the Big Boy down the road and had it brought down to the parking lot to eat. Let Olive Garden honor their commitment to have the group there for their meeting, but not darken their doors nor partake of their food. If I go to an Olive Garden now, I'll make sure I have the American Flag proudly and clearly displayed on my suit, my jeans, my shirt or whatever I'm wearing. If they aren't going to permit the American Flag, they can turn me away at their door. See how throwing patrons out for having the flag suits their "dining experience".

Occupiers claim violence is the only way:

Pajamas media has captured a leader of the Occupiers on tape saying that violence was the only way to get their message out using the French revolution has his example of a just violence. Shed blood? Pajamas media. Hmm, that's not NBC, CBS or ABC. I wonder why the main stream media hasn't picked up on that? Imagine if the Tea Party groups had advocated violence. The Tea Party, mainly representing Republicans, would likely have been vilified. After all, look what they try to do to them now. But the Occupiers are mainly representing and have the backing of the Democrats and their party.

It's also confusing to me why the Occupiers would be doing their thing on Wall St. They are protesting Wall st. for taking bailouts. But who gave them the bailouts? Where did the stimulus come from for those bailouts? Who signed off on the bailouts? Oh, that would be Obama.

Tea Party members hold up signs from the revolution such as "don't tread on me" and hand made signs protesting the bailouts and out of control spending. They never threatened taking the country with violence. Yet the Occupiers are not going after Obama or the Democrats, and they are threatening violence and bloodshed against fellow Americans. Hmm, I may have to rethink my position on Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano when she said we have domestic terrorists. I wonder if she knew they were in her party though?

Give em guns:

Apparently, an arm of the Justice Department has given weapons to the drug cartels in Mexico and those guns are being used against Americans. It's also coming out that Eric Holder, Obama's attorney general was aware of this.

What kind of an idiot gives guns to another country to be used against the citizens of this country? I guess we may have that answer. The Obama Administration.

This was all one days news. I can't wait to see tomorrows news!

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