Monday, April 11, 2011

Is Chicago School Taking Kickbacks for School Lunches?

A government school in West Chicago named Little Village academy has banned lunches and snacks brought from home unless accompanied with a doctors note. Under the guise of healthy eating, a government school is requiring that all students buy their lunches at school. The principal of the school, Elsa Carmona claims that it's a common practice amongst schools, but couldn't or wouldn't name another that employs this practice. A check with the Chicago School Board said that it's up to each individual school to set their policies. So what do the kids say about this? Most students must take the school lunch from the cafeteria or go hungry, or both. What they are finding is that kids don't like the lunches and throw most of it away, which means they go hungry. This is nutritional? Maybe they'll have food police to make sure the kids eat everything on their plate next. The money aspect interests me. The federal government pays the school for each free, or reduced price lunch the school provides. In addition, the provider of the food, in this case "Chartwells-Thompson" makes more money because they are paid for each lunch provided. This brings the natural question. Is this really being done for nutritional purposes or is the school taking advantage by collecting money from the Feds by forcing kids to buy their lunches at school? Then there are other questions. Does anyone affiliated with the school have a known or even silent business interest in Chartwells-Thompson? It is not the responsibility of the schools to see to it that kids eat properly. That is the parents responsibility. The schools have enough trouble teaching kids how to read, write, add and subtract. For instance, how nutritional is it to force kids to buy lunch at school. have them throw it away uneaten? How economical is it? After all, the kids are buying lunch but not eating it. Isn't this policy teaching these kids that it's okay to waste food? This is just another example of the failure of the schools in this country. They focus on everything but education. You're welcome to comment. Brett

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