Thursday, November 4, 2010

Now the Real Fun Starts

Now that what's been predicted has come true, the fun is about to begin. The face of the Democrat Party (pictured above) is gone. But he's not the only one. There are over 60 others that are gone.

Just to clean up abit, I thought, and said that I thought, that the Republicans would gain 70 seats. I only missed by about 5. But I missed, so that should be a reminder that I'm only giving my opinions on here. There are many that write in blogs that make declarative statements that refuse to accept any other positions.

So now what happens? Well, the real fun begins and it's already started. Yesterday, the Democrats were saying that it's now up to Republicans to cooperate with them. Unfortunately, I expected this sort of a statement from them, but it still leaves me dumfounded when I hear it. Let me be clear here. There are over 60 seats in the United States House of Representatives that are now held by Republicans that were held by Democrats. There are six new Senators.

In the House only two Republican incumbents lost. How many Democrat incumbents lost? 40? That should dispel the notion that this was an anti incumbent year. Unless only Democrats were incumbents. In addition, 19 state chambers flipped to Republicans.

The Democrats now saying that the Republicans will have to cooperate with them is the height of arrogance. What this means is that now politics will play a role in governing for the next two years. Yes, it would be nice if things got accomplished, but not the wrong things.

First order of business would be extending the Bush tax cuts. Obama has already blinked on this. He says he's willing to make the middle class tax cuts permanent, and to extend the tax cuts for those making up to $1 million. The Republicans should accept the middle class tax cuts being permanent, but they should hold out for the everyones tax cut extension to be made permanent. Failing that, which they probably will, they should back down to extending those tax cuts for another two years. These should not be separate bills. They should stay together as one bill. If they split it to two bills, they'll not get the extension for the wealthy. If it's extended on the upper class, it will come up again at the next election. This will have the effect of jobs being created almost instantly.

Second item, should be the repeal of Obamacare. As much as the liberals don't want to admit it, Obamacare, along with the stimulus, cap and tax and wall street reform all contributed to the Democrats demise this election. It's likely that they'll fail at repealing Obamacare. The House will pass it with ease. The Senate may pass it because there are another 33 seats coming up for election in 2012. This bill does not need to be tweaked, as Harry Reid says, it needs to be eliminated.

If it does manage to get through both the House and the Senate, Obama will veto it. Then we'll see if the Democrats are really serious about cooperation and will vote with Republicans to override the veto. If not, we'll have another issue in 2012 to go after those Democrats as well as Obama, who is up for re-election.

Failing to repeal Obamacare is not the end. The House can then just fail to fund Obamacare. It will die on the vine until the Republicans get a veto-proof majority or we get a new President in 2012.

Third is immigration reform. It doesn't need to be reformed. The current immigration laws need to be enforced. Immediately. More and more Americans are dying along the border. How many AMericans have to die before this President figures out he's got it all wrong.

We're in for some fun, as well as some frustration, for the next two years. It is my hope that the Tea Party does not go away and they prove themselves to be a formidable force.

But for now, I'm celebrating. Alan Grayson is gone. He's the epitome of what's wrong with the Democrats. Now he's gone and that is worth celebrating. The work begins after the Holidays.

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