Sunday, October 17, 2010

Racist, Incompetent Obama on the Run

There are many advantages to long drives that I take. I get to think about different things as well as hear different stories and viewpoints and of course, remember the recent past.

Coming up on the mid term elections, it's easy to get bogged down with all of the different ideas, worries and anticipation of things to come as well as to wonder what will happen with new things coming.
In the last 18 months, Obama and the Democrats have owned the government. At first, they didn't have a filibuster proof majority, but with the likes of Susan Collins, and Olympia Snowe from Maine as well as Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania, he may as well have had the filibuster proof majority. In February, with the help of the three Republicans mentioned, they passed the stimulus package that nobody read. Shortly after, Specter switched to the Democrat party and gave them their filibuster proof majority until January of 2010.

Still, even with the super majority, they couldn't get the health care bill passed. At least not matched up with the House. But then, Scott Brown won in Massachussets of all places. So the Democrats in the House had to resort to passing the Senate bill, which they didn't want, to get it passed because Brown would have voted against it, killing the health care bill. So despite the American people being against this health care bill, it passed and the President signed it.

A recurring comment about the stimulus bill is that it saved us from going into the second great depression. There is no proof of this. In fact, it's pretty well established even by many liberals that the stimulus failed. This means that the free market system, despite the hindrance of this administration worked. The free market system, or what was left of it, worked enough to move the economy forward while the Democrats claim it was them that saved us from a second depression.
Slowly, we're learning about all of the new taxes in the health care bill. Rates are going up rather than coming down as promised. Doctors are announcing that they won't stay in business once the health care bill is in full effect.

In the past two weeks another lawyer from the Justice Department has testified that this administration has made it a policy to not go after minorities that commit fraud within the election process. This administration is the one that dropped the ball with respect to the New Black Panther party members that were standing outside of the polling area with billy clubs. One was sentenced to not being at a polling place for two years. Just in time for the next Presidential election. That's sort of like saying to a kid who screws up at basketball practice on Monday and you ground him until the next Sunday...just in time for next Monday's practice.

Of course, we really don't need to be reminded that this administration has filed suit against a state (Arizona) for daring to pass a law that will give them the responsibility of reining in illegal invaders, saying that it's the feds responsibility despite the feds not doing their job.

On top of all of that, Obama is out telling "black folks" that they must come out and vote to keep his agenda going. When was the last time you heard anyone tell "white folks" to vote. What do you think would be the story line if someone did say that?

People are excited about the upcoming election because of the promise to repeal the health care bill. There were two so-called experts I heard on my drive. One said that 97 House seats were in play and 92 of them were Democrat incumbents. The other said that 86 seats were in play and 80 of them are currently held by Democrats. If either of these were off by even 10%, this will be very close to breaking the record for changeovers set back in the 30's.

So, what happens when the elections are over and many of these tea party backed candidates get into office and they don't follow the party line of doing things as they've always been done? This could be another two year battle for the next election where the tea party grows even more and the tea parties continue leading up to the 2012 election.

It's really beginning to look like the next two years are going to be even louder than the past two. The good news is that Obama won't be able to run roughshod over the Republicans like he's done this past 18 months. The biggest question to be answered in the next two weeks is will the Senate go to the Republicans.

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Anonymous said...

In Nevada, the gop put up an ad that urged Latinos not to vote at all in protest of something (I don't remember what that "something" was). The ad was found so obvious in intent and offensive by the public that it was quickly removed. you people are so desperate to remove the racism you showed for two years to pin anything he saids as "racist" since when was republican a race?