Thursday, September 16, 2010

Democrats See The Light or Running in Fear?

For the past eight years, all we've heard out of the Democrats is how President Bush passed tax cuts for only the rich. When they are shown charts of what people paid in taxes prior to the tax cuts and following the tax cuts showing the savings those tax cuts did for EVERYONE, they claimed it wasn't true and that only the rich got the tax cuts.

But they are now in danger of joining the ranks of the unemployed. So they have changed their minds, seen the light or admitted their false talking points were false. They are now saying that they want to extend the "tax cuts" for the middle class and only raise the taxes on the rich, although there are now 32 Democrats that are saying they don't want any tax increases on anyone during a recession.

How can you extend tax cuts for those that didn't receive a tax cut in 2001 and 2003? Answer, you can't. Why isn't the press asking them how they could say this after so many years of denying there were any tax cuts except on the rich?

A couple of days ago, I mentioned in the midst of another posting on here that we had $823,000 from the stimulus being used to teach African men how to clean their genitals following sexual activity.

Here in Michigan, we have a Representative named Mark Schauer. He was the only person in the country that claimed to have read the stimulus bill before voting on it. Everyone in the country knew that he was not telling the truth, but he continued to say that he'd read the entire bill before voting on it. Of course, he's a liberal Democrat. If you look at Nancy Pelosi, you're seeing Mark Schauer in drag.

Well, I have a question for Mark Schauer. If you read the entire bill, then you knew that the stimulus bill would pay to teach African men, in Africa, how to clean their genitals. How could you vote for something like this?

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