Friday, July 2, 2010

Obama Admits that he can't do the Job

President Obama, in a speech to Immigration rights advocates at American University, admitted that he's not up to the job. He said that "our borders are just too vast for us to be able to solve the problem only with fences and border patrols. It won't work."

This issue has been brought to the forefront with the passage of SB1070 in Arizona that starts on July 29 of this year. Arizona is doing something about the invasion of illegal aliens by passing their law that will require law enforcement to check on the legal status of anyone they come in contact with while doing their duties where there is a reasonable suspicion they may be illegal aliens.

The Presidents words received a warm reception in front of the crowd that heard what they wanted to hear at American University. This is Obama's forte'. He will give speeches in front of vetted crowds to avoid any disagreement being heard by the microphones.

Obama turned his speech into a partisan speech saying that he was ready to take this on. Democrats are ready to take this on and some Republicans but that he needs Republicans to back it or it won't fly. Again, he takes words, and twists them to blame the Republicans even while giving a sideways compliment to former President Bush. He even said that he "believes" Americans want comprehensive immigration reform.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is nothing more than code words for amnesty. This was done in 1986. If it was to be done once and for all, then, why are we dealing with it now? It was tried again in 2007 and nearly passed. It was on its' way to passage when the American people stood up, called, faxed, E-mailed their members in government and told them that's not what they wanted. It died at that point with even a dozen Democrats joining the filibuster.

The American people want the borders secure. The polls show this in overwhelming numbers. They don't want amnesty, again, by overwhelming numbers. But Obama says that securing the borders won't work.

We've had two events that happened with illegal aliens. I've spoken about both on here in the past. In 1954, President Eisenhower directed that the border patrol begin rounding up illegal aliens, putting them on trains and boats and sending them deep into Mexico. This caused the numbers of illegal aliens in this country to drop dramatically. Not because they rounded them all up, but because they rounded up enough and kept rounding them up that those not yet caught left on their own. This same thing is happening in Arizona before the law takes effect. There have been reports that many are leaving Arizona and headed to California, Texas and even as far away as New York.

The second event was in 1986 under President Reagan when amnesty was granted to approximately 3 million illegal aliens. Now we have anywhere from 11 million to 20 million illegal alien invaders in this country.

Obama claims that securing the border won't work. Yet he gave the border states 1,200 national guard....or he's going to give them that many sometime in the next few weeks. Why send the national guard if it's not going to work?

But even beyond the logical question of why is he sending them if he doesn't think it will work, he chose to give this speech on July 1. Four days before Independence Day. This makes me think back. The American Revolution. There were battles in the Continental Congress about what to do about King George and his excessive taxes without us having any representation. It was decided that we'd fight for independence. We were losing the war. It would have been easy for the Patriots to fold their tents and go home.

Soldiers were serving without pay, without proper arms, clothing, and ammunition. The signers of the Declaration of Independence gave up their wealth for the cause. They didn't quit. They didn't say it wouldn't work and hide. They fought and they eventually won!

I think about the settlers that moved west in wagons across the Rocky Mountains to Oregon. They gave up their homes and lives for a better life in a new territory. They didn't give up. To give up meant to die.

I think about my own lifetime in the 1960's when President Kennedy said that we will put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. Man was just exploring space for the first time and he's talking about putting a man on the moon in less than ten years. We didn't say that we couldn't, but instead we worked towards that goal and in July 1969, Neil Armstrong took that first step on the moon.

But now we have a President that says that we can't protect our own borders. A rancher is shot and killed in Arizona and Obama runs for cover. A police officer is killed by an illegal alien in Texas because the head cop wouldn't enforce the laws regarding illegal aliens. That head cop was just last week appointed to deal with illegal aliens by Obama.

Throughout our history, we've had great men and women do things that people didn't dream could be done. They didn't say "I can't" or "we can't" or "it won't work" or the problem is just too big to handle so we can't do it. They found a way and they did it.

Independence Day is about accomplishing the impossible by defeating the most powerful nation in the world for our own independence. Our own protection. Our freedoms. Yet, Obama says "it won't work" when it comes to dealing with illegal immigration. If our founding fathers had this defeatist attitude we might still be subjects of the "crown" in England.

Obama has admitted that he can't do his job. It is, after all, his responsibility to protect the borders of this country. Not to give a haven to drug runners and post signs warning people that they are entering a dangerous part of the country.

We don't need immigration reform. We need the laws enforced. The first act of an illegal alien coming to this country is to break our laws. If we give them amnesty for breaking our laws when they first come here, why should we expect them to follow our laws once here?

Obama wants punishment on the employers that hire illegal aliens, but he wants to give amnesty to those being hired. If he stopped the invasion of the illegal aliens the employers, American citizens, wouldn't be hiring illegals. You can't hire what's not there. Why is he so anxious to put employers in jail, but allow those that have already committed a crime to get away free?

It's very disappointing that we have a President with a defeatist attitude about this country. Unfortunately, the Republicans, Senator John McCain in particular add to this problem by saying secure the borders FIRST. This too is wrong. It should be secure the borders, period. We don't need a comprehensive immigration reform bill. We need leaders that will actually do their job and enforce the laws that they have passed. Unfortunately, we have a President who is more interested in capitulation than he is in following and enforcing the laws of this country. He's admitted that he can't handle the job, so it's time he just locked himself in the oval office and not come out until January 2013. Or to park himself on the golf course. Without him and his defeatist attitude, we can get more accomplished in this country.

Obama admits he can't do the job. So hand him his golf clubs and tell him we'll pick him up in 2012 and help him pack his bags and move him out and get someone in there that can and will do the job.

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