Monday, June 14, 2010


The new Arizona law seems to have caused a mass exodus from Arizona and the law hasn't even taken affect yet. Those that are leaving Arizona are illegal invaders as well as some Americans with Hispanic descent.

The Arizona law doesn't take affect until July 29, 2010 but schools are reporting a huge decrease in students being enrolled. The areas in which the illegal invaders do most of their business has reported a marked drop off in business.

The Department of Homeland Security estimated that illegal invaders reached a peak in 2008 at 560,000. That dropped off to an estimated 460,000 in 2009. The report from schools and from businesses, is not official, but is a good barometer of what's happening in Arizona.

The question is, where are they going? It's not believed that they are returning to their homeland. Not in the numbers that are leaving Arizona. There have been reports that they are moving to California, New Mexico, Texas and even New York.

This began happening shortly after the law was passed. The law makes it illegal to be in the United States and requires all Arizona police officers to request legal status of those they come in contact with due to some other legal contact, such as speeding or a traffic accident, when there is a reasonable suspicion that the person may be an illegal invader.

This is similar to what happened in the 1950's when President Eisenhower ordered that all illegal invaders be rounded up and put on trains with a destination deep into Mexico making it very difficult to get enough money to return to the border, let alone cross it. When that was put in place and started to be implemented, the illegal invaders left on their own rather than be shipped to the deepest part of Mexico.

The Arizona law isn't as tough as the policy implemented in the 50's. Arizona will be required to get in touch with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for processing the illegals to ship them back home. Once this law goes into effect, we'll then have to see what ICE does as they have threatened to not enforce the law. It should also be stated that the Federal law regarding illegal invaders is much more stringent than Arizona's soon to be law. But the Federal Government hasn't enforced it. In addition our Federal law isn't anywhere near as stringent as Mexican law if you or I were to just visit there, let alone go there without permission and break their laws.

While the Arizona law will greatly enhance Arizonan's safety and security, the unfortunate aspect of this is that to avoid being caught, the illegal invaders are leaving for other states for the most part. They are doing it before the law is enforceable. In a strange way, this is abit confusing. An illegal invaders first act upon entering this country is to violate our laws. Yet, they are now leaving to avoid being caught violating a new law in one state.

On the other hand, California is now going to get a good portion of those illegal invaders. This is somewhat fitting because some California cities, most notably San Francisco and Los Angeles are boycotting Arizona for passing this law. Now they'll get a good portion of the illegal invaders.

I wonder how long before California decides that they must find a way to get them out of California. After all, the children of these illegal invaders will be enrolled in California schools. More state tax money spent on the increased number of children. These illegal invaders will be using hospitals that must take them, again, requiring more money from the taxpayers. How long before California, now in the top three as far as budget shortfall and unemployment rate, will have to come up with a similar to law to get them out of California?

Arizona is to be congratulated on their success with their new law that does not even begin until July 29. Attorney General Eric Holder better hurry up and read the law and sue the state before the rest of the states must follow Arizona's lead to save their economies, and citizens from harm.

If the illegal invaders return the same way they came, maybe they can pick up the garbage on the way back that they left on their way here.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad the rest of the country is cowardly and will not enact a bill like this one.