Friday, September 26, 2008

Mr. Smith (McCain) Goes to Washington

Senator John McCain on Wednesday, suspended his campaign as of Thursday morning so that he could return to Washington to do his job as Senator and try to help the Congress reach an agreement to save the country’s economy.

Naturally, the liberal media is portraying this as a political stunt to try to save a free-falling campaign. There is no thought that McCain considers this crisis to be real and that he’s one of 100 people that are supposed to deal with this crisis. This is understandable, since the press is in the pockets of Senator Barack Hussein Obama and he’s not going to follow suit and return to do his job.

I have one disagreement with McCain’s decision. I don’t think he should have suspended his campaign. I do agree with his decision to return to Washington, but I think he missed an opportunity here.

He could have said he’s returning to Washington to help with the “rescue package” but said that due to his having to honor his duties first, he is instead sending his VP choice (Sarah Palin) to the debates to stand in his place against Senator Obama. This would have shown a couple of things. 1. It would show that he takes the crisis seriously. 2. It would be a presidential move by sending his VP to fill in for him. When the President can’t fulfill his duties, the VP steps in. This would have been a very real example of how he would lead.

Had he done that, Obama would have had several decisions to make. As it is, he’s chosen to continue his campaign and claim that Presidents need to handle more than one thing at a time. Had he stuck by that decision even if Palin was sent to debate him, he’d have had to make another decision. Does he debate McCain’s stand in or does he then agree to postpone it? If he postpones it, he’d have looked like he was afraid of Palin. Had he agreed to show up for the debate, he’d have appeared weak because he was debating the second slot on his opponents ticket against someone that he claims has no experience but who in fact has more experience than Obama does.

If nothing else, this would have been fun to watch. The events that happen, or the debate if it was to take place. It would have been fun to watch the maneuvering.

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liberalshateusa said...

Isn't funny that the Dems say they have a deal before McCain gets there so as to make him look foolish when in fact no deal was made.

Who looks foolish?

Then Nobama gives a speech @ a congressional leaders landmark White House summit on the economy with notes e-mailed to him from a Paulson cronnie @ Goldman Sachs,( Remember Paulson is a democrat and worked @ Goldman Sachs) Ried lets Nobama speak at the meeting and his notes were incorrect and a embarrassed Dem party tried to cover by hurling accusations at each other and declaring there was no deal.

If I am correct the Dem's control congress and can pass any bill. Why don't they just leave the GOP out of the talks as they have done in the past(Energy) and pass a bill. They are reluctant to do so as the bill as is stinks and they don't want to be stuck owning it.

Then Nobama sez he is better on the phone. No shit he has his handlers behind him to tell him what to say. Maybe the Lib's should take a poll so they can make a decision as they always do.

Real Presidential

liberalshateusa said...

"It's important not to inject presidential politics into this," Obama said. "My preference is to use the phone ... in a way that's not a photo op because I think that sometimes prevents things from getting done. It's amazing what you can get done when you're not looking to try to get credit for it."

And when I have my handlers answering the questions. What an EMPTY SUIT!!!

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

Brett said (unless he copied it from elsewhere)...Naturally, the liberal media is portraying this as a political stunt to try to save a free-falling campaign.

Funny, that's exactly what it was! A stunt, like many of the great divas of yesterday and today...Cher, Aretha, Tina Turner, Mariah Carey.

After his diva moment, Grampy McSame decided he could help best via cell phone.