Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Letter to Representative Tim Walberg

Honorable Tim Walberg,

I am not a happy constituent. Not necessarily with you, but with the Republican Party. First of all, we have a Presidential candidate that is not a Conservative. My vote, which I hold precious, is being cheapened by having to vote for an inferior candidate that is liberal. Calling him less liberal than either of the Democrat candidates is no consolation.

I see no leadership in the Republican Party. I’d love to blame the news media for not putting out the Republican issues and positions, but I can’t. The Republicans have no message, no issues and no positions. Republicans were turned out in 2006 not due to the Iraq war, but rather because Republicans in Congress spent money like Democrats and President Bush didn’t veto those exorbitant spending bills.

First, we need a leader in the Republican Party. Since nobody holding the positions of leadership in the Republican party is stepping up to ensure some victories, or even one victory, this fall. It means the position is open. Step up and claim the position! If you wait for a handout of the position, you’ll be playing the game. It’s time that the Republicans did what they did in 1994 and put together a plan of action for this summer and fall and then go further than they did in 1994. In 94, they put together the Contract with America. They did exactly as they said they would. Then they became part of the Washington establishment. You don’t need to make friends with the press, nor with the liberals. Pick your issues and stand firm.

I have a few top issues that I believe should be burned into every Republican’s talking points.

1. End the war. Not in the way that the liberals want to end the war. End it with victory. Keep the force there that’s needed to hold the areas taken. Send forces in to the other provinces that are not under Iraqi control, hit them hard and turn it over to the Iraqi’s. Then tell the Iraqi government, quit dragging your feet and settle your problems now. If an end date is to be given, it should be between the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President. It should not be made public anywhere in the world.
2. Make the tax cuts permanent. We, in Michigan, cannot afford another tax increase by allowing the tax cuts to expire. We, in America, have gone through a boisterous economy over the past 7 years. The last six months have been sluggish, but it’s still a positive and will be growing stronger. This excellent economy we’ve been through the past 7 years is due in large part to the tax cuts. Make them permanent and then go to work on revamping the tax code.

3. Immigration reform. Amnesty didn’t work in 1986. If it had, we wouldn’t be dealing with it now. Protect the border. Keep the illegals from sneaking in. As we find the illegal aliens here, send them back. I don’t want to hear that we “can’t round up 20 million illegals”. This is America and we can do anything we set our mind to doing. Get that fence finished. Use the technology to watch the borders as well as the border patrol. We do not need another attack on this country.
4. Inspection of shipments to the United States. We need to start inspecting cargo coming to this country. We inspect fruit crossing state lines, it’s unbelievable t hat we can’t inspect cargo coming into this country. If you cross a state line to buy cigarettes because the taxes are lower in Indiana than they are in Michigan and you’re caught, you will be prosecuted. Yet we can’t inspect cargo? If another attack happens here due to open borders or uninspected cargo, the fault will lay firmly at the feet of the United States government. The President, EACH Senator, and Each Representative.
5. Social Security: It will be operating in the red in 2017 and it will be exhausted by 2041. This is a failed system! The current retirees must be taken care of through the current system. This can still be done. However, those still working would benefit more, and the system would be self sufficient without depending on the government if we were permitted to choose where we invested our money. The law could be written that everyone must pay into the system as it is now. But each person would be permitted to choose where their money should be invested to give them the maximum amount available for their own retirement supplement. If I want to invest my money in mutual funds, that should be my choice. I should be allowed to move the investment if I feel, or my advisor suggests, but the deposits would still be a requirement as under the current system. In addition, when I die, my family would receive that money as a death benefit. No more of the $255 token amount to my family should I die. They would get all that I’ve paid into the system.
6. Health Care: Get government out of the health care business. They have failed! Example; Medicare. It will be in the red this year and it will be exhausted in 2019. If this is what the government does with health care, they’ve failed and there is no reasonable expectation that they can handle a health care plan for all. Let the market work.
7. Oil Independence: Drill for oil in this country. Put the American people to work and their ingenuity. If we open several of the oil sites that we have available we’ll lower our dependence on foreign oil. We must then encourage Americans to find alternative fuels. Going with ethanol only increased the prices of corn chips, and taco shells, etc. It’s not the answer. Use the time we have by drilling for our own oil and lowering prices to find alternative answers for operating our cars, heating our homes and so on. Drill now and research now to find alternative power.

These are just seven items that I’ve put down as I’ve been typing this. These are all winning issues. When a candidate runs as a conservative they win. It’s been proven over and over. If you want to lose as a conservative, run in San Francisco.

We also need candidates across this country that have some self control. No more political correctness or being afraid to say what’s obvious because you’re talking about a colleague. Senator Larry Craig should have been forced out. Not due to his guilt or innocence, but because he pleaded guilty to cover it up. Representative Kennedy should have been booted out for driving drunk into a road barrier.

I consider Conservative Republicans have the right message and the right path. I demand more from them. So they should stand up for what they believe in and stand up forcefully. They should be told to keep their pants zipped and to stay out of and away from brothels, bars and escort services. I don’t want to hear of a spouse of another Representative or Senator picking up a prostitute ala Debbie Stabenow. If they are, they should resign or forced out of their elected office. That’s not what they were sent to Washington to do.

Unfortunately, Republicans are not articulating their message. It’s time for a leader to step and take control of the Republican party. If we continue as we’re going right now, we’re going to end up with a President Obama or a President Clinton. As it is, if we get a President McCain it will be Democrat lite and that to me is a slap in the face to the American people and the Republican Party. We will also end up with seats in the house that won’t amount to much more than a poker game and in the Senate we wouldn’t have enough to have a ping pong match.

I realize that I’m being very blunt. It’s probably not proper etiquette but at this point I don’t care. I don’t want flyers that come to me asking me what I think of the issues which is only a disguise for the collection of money or to garner votes or to reaffirm votes.

I’m not sending any money to the Republicans. None of them. I did that throughout the 90’s and the first couple of years of the aughts whenever I could. What have I gotten for my money? Nothing. It’s been a waste of whatever meager amount I could send when I could send money.

It’s time the Republicans started earning the expectation that I’d even open mail from them. I’m not sending it to Democrats, but I’m not sending it to Republicans that fail to do as they say. I’m also not interested in form letters as a response to this. If you really want to respond, the best response is to be the leader or find a leader that will make Conservatives follow the Conservative issues and protect this country from the coming storm that we’re sure to get from any of the Presidential candidates and to do it today. The only way to protect the American people from these candidates is to get Conservatives elected to the House and the Senate.

I’d apologize for the length and tone of this mail, but I really don’t feel sorry for stating the truth.


Brett Young

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