Saturday, February 9, 2008

Clinton clean up after Bush?

One of Senator Hillary Clinton’s lines in her campaign is that it took her husband to clean up after the first Bush and that she’s the right one to clean up after another Bush.

In the waning days of the 1992 election campaign between George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton, special prosecutor Walsh indicted five from the Bush administration for a second time. Bush had moved within 3 points of Clinton with just a week to go before the election. That’s when Walsh indicted the five for a second time. His first indictment of them was found to have no merit. The second indictment would lead the news and five days was not enough time to get the results of that indictment cleared up.

Another focal point was the Clinton’s “It’s the economy stupid” claiming that Bush’s economy was the worst in 50 years. By the time the truth came out, the election was over. The economy had grown at a 4.6% pace for the fourth quarter of 1992.

Those are just two examples of lies and deceit prior to the election. There are more. Such as the middle class tax cut promised by Clinton. Instead, he went on television in February and said he’d never worked so hard but he just couldn’t justify a middle class tax cut.

Having succeeded at winning the election we then went into 8 years of scandals. Some major, some minor and some just plain silly. For example, there was the travel office scandal. Several members of the travel office were fired, told to pack up what they could carry, whisked into a van and dumped on the streets of Washington D.C. This was reported as a Hillary Operation.

Whitewater filled our news for several years and much money was spent. There was also the $100,000 in cattle futures by Hillary. The 900 FBI files that were improperly taken. Remember the famous question? Who hired Craig Livingston? We never did find out about that. Then there was Arlington-gate, where someone was buried in Arlington Cemetery without the proper credentials (for lack of a better term).

At Christmas time, there was the Christmas tree decorated with Condoms and various other X-rated baubles. Don’t forget about Vince Foster and his suicide where he shot twice after walking into Fort Marcy Park and managed to do so without getting his shoes dirty. Then the ensuing stories about how his wife didn’t want Hillary there and the stories that went around about an affair between Foster and Hillary.

There were also all of the dead bodies associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton going back to their days in Arkansas. Add to that Vince Foster, the girl in the Commerce Department found dead after Thanksgiving weekend.

Then the scandals involving their close friends appointed to jobs within the administration. Webb Hubbell, Mike Espy, Henry Cisneros, Ron Brown, and then Ron Brown’s death.
There were stories about Bill’s affairs with various women. Starting with Gennifer Flowers before he was elected, and followed by Paula Jones, Walter Mondale’s daughter, Juanita Broadderick, Kathleen Willey and a host of others.

The things that he lied about that just weren’t necessary to lie about. Smoking marijuana but didn’t inhale. Making a cross out of stones that just happened to be laying there. Picking up a flag that had fallen(?) and placing it back where it belonged. Dancing on the beach where there just happened to be music playing.

How he loathed the military (his words), and the proved it by not giving 15 Rangers what the ammo they needed to stay alive, which led to Osama bin laden to say that that incident and the exit by the U. S. proved to him that the American’s wouldn’t be able to last in a war.

There were the numerous attacks on the United States soil during the 8 years that were treated as criminal acts and not as the acts of war that they were. How he refused to take bin laden when he had the chance and was offered him.

Finally, there was the scandal involving Bill and Monica Lewinsky. The girl that was but a year or two older than his own daughter who was happy to show him her thong. The girl that gave him a cigar. The girl that saved he blue dress with his DNA on it. The lies that he told in testimony to the prosecutor that caused him to be impeached.

At long last his eight years were coming to an end. After a 35 day election process George W. Bush was elected as the 43rd President. He was sworn in and had his inaugural while t he Clinton administration was moving out of the White House. The Clinton’s that took ash trays, silverware, dishware, and anything else they could get their hands on that had any identification of the White House on them. As one final act of vandalism, those working in the Clinton White House, who were about to leave to make room for the Bush administration then vandalized the computer keyboards by removing the “W’s” from them.

I think it’s safe to say that the Clinton’s cleaned up before Bush took office. With petty thievery, vandalism. But they weren’t taking from the Bush’s. They were taking from the American people. Those items were paid for with tax dollars.

I don’t think we need a Clinton to clean up after Bush. Bush had to clean up after Clinton. Now, just as we’re headed into elections there is report that Clinton skipped town in New Hampshire without paying their rent of $500 for a weeks use of a building. In addition, the landlord had to clean up after the Clinton’s. They left trash laying all over and the landlord had to clean that up.

We don’t need Clinton. We can’t afford the bill of the housekeeping for places that they leave.


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