Friday, December 4, 2015

Political Correctness Claims First Lives

A few years ago, when there was all of the talk about illegal aliens coming across the border in Arizona, the law enforcement officers were accused of profiling. Hispanics that were driving were selected to be pulled over because of their nationality and not just due to any traffic violations, as it was reported. Officers were told that they could not ask or check to see if those people were in this country legally. A law was even passed on this issue and Governor Jan Brewer vetoed it, possibly because the National Football League threatened to move the Super Bowl out of Arizona.
The Obama administration even got into the state issue and a battle between the federal government and the State of Arizona ensued. The talk then was how wrong it was to profile people based on their nationality.

During the investigation of the attack in San Bernardino, California where 14 people were killed and another 21 wounded, it was discovered that a neighbor of the shooters noticed unusual activity at their house. She didn’t report it because she was afraid of being accused of profiling.

Imagine how that woman must feel now following this latest shooting, which at this point appears to be a terrorist attack by ISIS on our own soil. She didn’t report because she didn’t want to be accused of profiling or being racist. She knew something was wrong but because the liberals put labels on people for putting labels on people (do you see the double standard there?) this neighbor was afraid to report something that she had the good sense to know wasn’t quite right and could be dangerous. Political correctness has now cost lives.

Had the liberals not made it an albatross to say something about some suspicious activity because of the race or appearance of the ones acting oddly, this woman would normally have reported it and possibly saved 14 lives, 21 woundings, and the fear people went through that day during their office Christmas Party. Now, she could very well be blaming herself for the deaths of those victims. All because of political correctness.

Along those same lines, the liberals have been railing on gun control for fifty years. ‘Why do you need those weapons? This isn’t the wild west anymore.’ Well, let’s take a look specifically at that statement about it not being the wild west anymore. Think of your westerns that you watched as a kid. Bonanza took place in Nevada. The Big Valley in Stockton, California. John Wayne movies were anywhere from Texas to Montana to California. Buffalo Bill died in Deadwood, South Dakota. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday from Kansas, to Arizona. Shootouts in the street were extremely rare. So these liberals are using fiction or something that rarely happened, that they saw on television and movies and creating a scenario that didn’t exist.

Either that or they just believe that if everyone is unarmed that criminals will take that into account and out of the goodness of their hearts not commit their crime against someone unarmed.

Lastly, President Obama opens his mouth and something happens. He calls ISIS a JV team. Then they march across Iraq taking city after city. Cutting off heads, burning people alive in cages. They are killing Americans, Israeli’s and other Muslims. They don’t care. They are killing anyone and everyone that they run across.

Obama said that ISIS was contained, and that very day, terrorists attack Paris. Obama said that we are safe, and then these shooters go into a Christmas party in San Bernardino and kill 14 people. Before they even know whether it’s a terrorist attack or not, Obama and Hillary Clinton start talking about legislating tougher gun control laws and blaming Republicans for it not being done. Still, at this writing, Obama has not come out and said it was a terrorist attack.

We cannot be politically correct. We must stand up and say when we see something that doesn’t look normal. If we’re wrong, nobody died. But if we’re right and we don’t say something people could die needlessly.

A County Executive in Rockland County California is calling for citizens to be armed. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is doing the same, as is Sheriff David Clark from Wisconsin. The liberals saying that this isn’t the old west, have created a situation where we could very well be looking like the old west. The problem is that the old west never existed as they say it, but now it just might.

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Terrorism? Obama Calls for Gun Control

Todays headline reads, 14 dead and 17 wounded in San Bernardino, California.

As expected, President Obama and the liberals are already using this incident to call for more gun control and of course, blaming Republicans. California already has one of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. We still don’t know if this is a terrorist attack or workplace shooting, or something else. Everything is political anymore.

To use the death and wounding of Americans as a political football is reprehensible. To call for gun control is silly at best. It’s the same old argument. If we ban guns, only the evil will have guns. Criminals do not care about the laws. If they did, they wouldn’t be criminals.

Its confusing how two people can enter a building dressed in commando garb, go to the second floor, enter a conference room and begin shooting and nobody from the front door to the second floor noticed how they were dressed? Did they change their clothes in the second floor restroom? Did they change their clothes outside the door? Not likely.

We have seen children killed in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. They were in a gun free zone. Nobody armed except for the shooter. The kids were huddled in a closet. All they had to be was found and then slaughtered. No protection.

We have seen others shot in Oregon again in a gun free zone. The only one armed was the shooter. We’ve seen others shot in Colorado just in the past couple of days. Again, the only one armed was the murderer. We’ve seen in Chattanooga, Tennessee at a recruiting office for the military and a military facility a few miles away where even the military personnel was not armed and five dead. But the terrorist was armed. Unarmed military!

They put Drug Free Zone signs up at schools across the nation, but drugs are still there. We’ve seen gun free zones, but still there are guns used. If Obama thinks he can prevent terrorism by holding a sign up at the border saying Terrorist Free Zone and not check on those crossing the border, it won’t work.

I don’t want to see the headline saying 14 dead, 17 wounded again, but we will. I’d rather see a headline that says, “Terrorist Greeted at Party by 31 Armed Citizens”.

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