Sunday, November 15, 2015

Spoiled College Brats vs Terrorism

The students at Missouri University are upset. They are complaining that the terrorists attacks in Paris, France have taken the focus off of them.

These kids at the college and other colleges that these protests are spreading to are complaining about the freedom of speech. In one video, a young girl was talking to an administrator about the protest and wanted to be heard and was heard. However, when the administrator then began to answer her, she shouted him down and said her feelings were hurt because he wasn’t in agreement with her. Freedom of speech applies to everyone. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree with you. Only that you have the right to speak as does the other person. When one is not permitted to speak, their freedom of speech is taken away. The college students don’t see it that way. They want to dictate but not have a conversation. In other words, they are saying “it’s my way or the highway and to heck with what your free speech rights.”

The students are not letting the press in to report on what’s happening on campus. So why are they protesting? Isn’t a protest supposed to get attention to your grievances so that everyone knows of them? It’s akin to advertising. If you want to make change, you have to get the word out so that others can see your position and form an opinion. But when you block out those that would get the word out, the only thing you are doing is gathering in a group and skipping class. That’s all anyone can see.

So just in that, they are hindering others free speech and they are hindering the freedom of the press (also a part of the first amendment).

Not only do they want free education, but they want their expenses paid from previous years of schooling as well.

These are college students!! One of those college students complaining about having to pay for college and wanting someone else to pay is the son of a railroad executive who has an income of $8.5 million per year!!

These kids have shown the failure of the public education system. That they don’t know anything about the first amendment to the United States Constitution only shows that they weren’t taught civics in civics classes in high school. They also show their ignorance when they claim that they want free college education. Nothing is free. If no money is paid for their education, where does the money come from for their lights? To pay their professors? Will they show up for class dragging their own desk and chairs into the room? Actually, will there be a room since it’s not paid for? Do they really think that the rooms, buildings, electricity, all just grow on the grounds simply for their education needs? Why do they even need college? It’s obvious that they aren’t even learning the basics, let alone the fine points of civics, math, or even common sense!

On Friday, terrorists launched six attacks in Paris, France. These terrorists blew themselves up. They attacked at a stadium with a soccer match going on. They did a driveby shooting at a popular and crowded restaurant. They took control of a concert and then stood in the balcony shooting down on the concert goers. Shooting fish in a barrel couldn’t be easier. There were 129 dead from these attacks. DEAD!! They will never hear another note of music. They will never go on another date. They will never have a chance to marry the guy or girl they went to the concert with. They’ll never have children. They are dead at the hands of fanatics whose only goal in life is to kill anyone from the western world.

Today, the college students are complaining that the terrorist attack in France is taking the spotlight off of their protest!

Well here’s a newsflash for you snot nosed little brats. Terrorists attacking people and killing people are a little more important than your feelings being hurt. Perhaps you ought to pay attention to something other than your own spoiled little lives and try to learn something because that attack could very well be you in a very short time. It was for one college student from California. A 23 year old student who was part of a student exchange program died in that attack.

At least one of the terrorists came to France as a refugee from war torn areas of the middle east. President Obama wants to bring 65,000  of those refugees here knowing that we have no way of knowing if terrorists have infiltrated the refugees as they promised to do. We have no way of knowing if they are terrorists or not. So if you think your feelings are hurt now, wait until you’re gathered in a group holding up your signs complaining that some guy at a bar, off campus, has hurled a racial slur within earshot of you, and all of a sudden one of those terrorists decides you’re part of a nice crowd that he could shoot into and just keep shooting until someone comes to shoot him. Then he can push the button on his bomb that he has strapped to his waist and blow not only himself up, but anyone within fifty feet of him as he runs into the crowd before pushing the button.

Think your feelings are hurt now? Wait until you discover you didn’t die in that attack but you were unfortunate enough to have a leg blown off or an arm blown off.

129 people are dead in France with more likely to die from their injuries and you’re upset that the news isn’t paying as much attention to you now? Why would you care? You were chasing the press away. Now that they have something more important to cover, you’re upset that they aren’t paying attention to you?

Get over yourselves. Stop whining about black and white. Stop crying that someone actually pays for your college. It’s probably your parents paying anyway. We are all Americans and one of our own was murdered by a terrorist! Those terrorists are coming here and they want to kill us just because we’re Americans. Do you really think they are going to stop to see if you’re black, white, hispanic? They don’t care. They only want a huge body count to draw attention to themselves. They don’t care about your little worries about your feelings.

If you spoiled little children really want something to whine about, complain to the schools that you’re being cheated on your education because you don’t even know what the freedom of speech means! You should have learned that in high school.

We’re on the brink of World War III! Your complaints are petty and insignificant. American lives matter and right now, American lives are at risk. Need proof? Look at Fort Hood, Texas. Look at Chattanooga, Tennessee. Look at New York City. Look at the Pentagon. If you really want to see what really matters, stop off in Pennsylvania and see where Americans that were not soldiers, that were citizens, sacrificed their lives to save either the White House or the U. S. Capitol. Those were people that were heroes. They knew they were going to die and they died saving others lives. Maybe even yours.

So wipe your nose, change your diaper and show up for class and demand that your teachers teach you about the Constitution. Then go to a math class and demand to find out why education is not free. And maybe, on your way to your class you might want to stop and say a prayer for those that lost their lives and/or loved ones in Paris and pray that we can stop it from ever happening again anywhere, but most certainly from happening on our own shores!

Someone ought to lecture your parents for not turning you over their knee when you were a kid and maybe you wouldn’t have to be told that a human life is more precious than your feelings being hurt!

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