Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hillary Clinton: And the hits just keep on coming

It appears as though we’re about to do some time traveling. Each time Bill and Hillary Clinton are involved in something to do with the Government, the word “scandal” is attached.

I was originally going to write something a week or so ago when I heard some liberal guest on a talk show say that the country was tired of the Bush vs Clinton campaigns as a reason for Jeb Bush not to run against Hillary Clinton. It was inconceivable to the liberal that maybe Hillary shouldn’t run to avoid a Bush or a Clinton as President. But then, as often happens with the Clintons, another activity of theirs hits the news.

So let’s look back to 1992 and beyond. Bill Clinton announced he was a candidate for President. Not long after his announcement the country was introduced to a woman named Gennifer Flowers. Betsey Wright, then an assistant campaign director for Clinton coined the term “bimbo eruptions” as more allegations of Clintons affairs started jumping out of the woodwork. Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and even rumors of an affair with Eleanor Mondale, the daughter of Walter Mondale.

Once elected, there were numerous rumors, scandals and of course, more females. Vince Foster committed suicide, rumored to have been having an affair with Hillary Clinton, involved in Whitewater and even the circumstances around his death were questioned. Of course, there was Whitewater and the McDougalls, the travel office scandal that Hillary was directly involved in, the FBI files that went missing and were later discovered on Hillary’s coffee table two years later. There was also the affair between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky which made Clinton the second President in history to be impeached.

There was also the campaign finance scandals. Charlie Trie, John Huang, James Riady, and others. Money coming in illegally that had to be returned and left all of the above indicted and convicted and in prison.

For twenty years our President was named either Bush or Clinton. Only once did they actually face each other in an election. That was in 1992 when Bill Clinton defeated George H. W. Bush. Clinton ran against Bob Dole for his second term. In 2000 it was Bush v Gore. In 2004 it was Bush v Kerry, and in 2008 it was Obama that beat out Hillary to run against McCain.

In 2016 we may have the second election where it’s actually a Bush v Clinton race. We hear much about Bush’s problems with the Conservatives over Common Core and Immigration reform Policy problems. Not scandals.

Let’s look at Hillary Clinton. Today, it’s Hillary Clinton, just as it was when she ran for the Senate in New York. But once elected she became Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now, as we move to the primary season, she’s Hillary Clinton again. Like the Clinton of the 90’s, regardless of her name preference, we’re seeing scandals emerge.

As Secretary of State, when she wasn’t being shot at getting off of a plane in Bosnia (she wasn’t, she just misremembered ala Brian Williams), she was hiding from what happened in Benghazi. To her credit, at least she didn’t go before committees and say “I don’t recall” as she did in the 90’s. Instead she said “what difference at this point does it make.”

We also shouldn't forget that she lies about insignificant things as well. Such as being named for Sir Edmund Hillary who climbed Mt. Everest in 1953. The problem is that in 1947, when Hillary was born, he hadn't climbed that mountain yet. Maybe her mom was clairvoyant and named him the guy that would "someday" climb Mt Everest. 

Now there are two more. Back to foreign money coming in and using personal E-mail to circumvent the transparency rules that haven’t really been followed by anyone anyway.

This comes the day before the Supreme Court hears another case regarding Obamacare that could end up dismantling Obamacare, along with the revelation of taxes and the Democrats running away from the taxes they put into Obamacare.

Does Obamacare remind you at all of HillaryCare? That too was a big tax laden plan to take over the health care industry and it failed.

As always with the Clinton’s, sex comes into play whether they are in or out of office. Reports of Bill Clniton having a mistress, and lately of him going to orgy island and now even his portrait that hangs in Washington DC. The artist said that he had a maniken and it cast a shadow and he left it as a representation of the famous blue dress of Monica Lewinsky.

We have terrorist organizations that are wanting to kill Americans just because they are Americans. They are beheading people that they kidnap and burning others alive in cages. Do we really want to go back to the days of Bill Clinton’s infidelity and Hillary’s enabling of it? Do we really want to spend another four or eight years with scandal after scandal? Is the country really tired of a Bush or Clinton presidency or are they just tired of the teenage games played by Bill Clinton and the coverups and excuse making by Hillary?

And to think my original worry was this nation would do what it did in the past by choosing Barack Obama as President, not for what he’d accomplished nor his ideas, but because he was the first black President and that we’d do the same thing by saying we’ll elect Hillary to have our first female President.

We were warned that electing Obama would create more taxes, more debt, larger deficits and more regulations. But we still elected him. To elect Hillary, we’ll get still more taxes, more debt, larger deficits, more regulations and more scandals.

We need to concentrate on eliminating ISIS. Fighting terrorism and winning. Not negotiating how to make a name for ourselves by allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons, or how to apologize to Cuba and pay them off to be our friends.

To have Hillary Clinton elected to be Hillary Rodham Clinton is to continue with our borders being imaginary lines. To continue to punish our ambassadors and blame it on videos that nobody sees. To return to 4-8 years of scandals and possibly another impeachment.

Remember when the Clinton’s left the White House last time? They removed the W’s from the computer keyboards and they trashed the people’s house and stole many items from it. Teenage pranks.

For us being the greatest country in the world, it appears that we don’t want to act like it if we allow Hillary Clinton to get her foot in the door at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. If Hillary Clinton even runs as expected, it will be just like the old rock and roll radio announcers of the 60’s. “and the hits just keep on coming.”

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